Why I’m Selling My Marijuana Stocks 2018

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I must admit that I had not planned on selling these marijuana stocks so soon! I released a video on December 1, 2017 discussing four marijuana stocks that I was buying in late November/early…


  1. good video! , I did the same with canopy bought at 13 dropped to 6-7 dollars literally a couple months after ., held till it was 23 made the mistake of selling before the January hype but all well made 71% roi

  2. Hey Nate thanks so much for the info. I bought into Aphria at like $17 USD and maybe I'm an idiot who went in when it was too high. I love the fundamentals of the company so it seems like I have to either stay in long-term or sell if it comes back up to what I bought it for.

  3. Love your videos. Interested in your thoughts on Marijuana ETF's, if you think we should stay away from US ETF's vs Canadian and others outside the country due to more lax laws? Trying to pick individual weed stocks feels like picking dot com stocks back in the late 1990s….no bueno. Specifically interested in the pot ETFs: MJX and HMLSF. Thanks!

  4. With the recent dip caused by Cali rec being trash and Sessions announcement it's actually a good time to buy-in. The big gains will be after July. The gains from Oct are nothing.

  5. What information do you have to say it's not sustainable? What legalization and exportation laws are you paying attention to? What production and distribution revenue earnings are you looking at? It's being called the Green Rush for a reason. We have at least 9 mos of growth across the industry up to 100% minimum gains on many across the board.

  6. Huge mistake to sell without keeping a foothold on them. The next 12-18 mos will show SIGNIFICANT gains much larger than you've seen since October. You investors saying this isn't sustainable don't understand how large this industry is going to be.

  7. totally agree with you nate, I've been in and out many times with aurora since last feb. there has been massive share dilution over and over again as well as the 8 m revenue.. its just over inflated.

  8. Great call on the profit taking! Think selling now and waiting for a correction is a solid idea!
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  9. Don't get me wrong…. The Marijuana industry will definitely continue to grow worldwide over the next decade! I sold some of these stocks simply because I believe they are far too overvalued. These companies are bringing in a few million dollars per year but are valued in the billions. I would rather lock in my profits now

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