Why Anne Hathaway Gave Up Drinking

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Anne Hathaway chatted with Ellen about filming her new movie “Serenity” on the island of Mauritius with co-star Matthew McConaughey, and explained why she …

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  1. Dear Anne Hathaway
    I’m a huge fan of yours but I am just a normal human woman it’s my dream to meet u shake a hand and get your autograph .

  2. That’s great, Snapchat had this and were like “yea, let’s see if she will still do it when she has a toddler” and just making it seem like an impossible thing to do. Snapchat is all about glorifying drinking mothers, so they made a joke out of her stopping drinking. But it is such a great choice; it will show a good role model to her baby and will also allow her to be the best mom she can be since she won’t be hungover. My mom stopped drinking when she had my brother bc he came into her room while she was hungover, and she was just irritated and not the best mom she could me. I love this, great for her

  3. i love Ann she is just so beautiful with her jerky laughs always…look at her ear rings so different so nice. its very nice she quit drinking..

  4. I quit a few months back, same reason, I'm not good at drinking and so many times don't remember the previous night. Embarrassing and not responsible. Good for her for recognizing that isn't a good thing for her child or her life. <3

  5. People who don’t drink always think they’re better than people who do, huh. There is a different between having a glass of wine and binge-drinking.

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