Where are CANNABIS STOCKS heading? G20 Summit, Short Sellers and LEGALIZATION NEWS UPDATES

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  1. Finally some good news.

    We believe that since this is 90 days = 1 Quarter. This could give the economy a small boost and also, at the end of the quarter companies will come out with good(better than expected results).

    So, if the FED keeps interest rates not-increased in December this could be positive for the short term in the markets.

    I also read something about Luxembourg moving towards legalizing recreational use. What do you boys think about that?

  2. This stock will soar in the next year. Once they get their facilities operational and crops going. Their quarterly reports will be insane. then the deals will roll in.

  3. I don’t believe the Canadian market will fail. It’ll dip during the time of U.S. legalization but it’ll recover.
    Being prepared for it is key.
    Now… who is the ACB of America going to be. I haven’t found a company that comes close.

  4. buying in a downtrend is like catching falling knife in slow motion. the uptrend need to be set and till then i think shorters will have some playground. im hoping on a better landscape next month for ACB. ACB is all about good news but got sabotaged by fundamental logic and wallstreet bears.

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