What’s the K2 drug like? Synthetic marijuana, one of the most dangerous drugs and legal highs

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What does synthetic marijuana feel like and why is it one of the most dangerous drugs that happens to be one of the legal highs available? Watch this before considering smoking K2 Help Homer…


  1. First time i smoked K2 Diablo. I tried going outside and i thought that mother nature was sending a colony of demonic squirrels to come after me and eat me. So i ran into the basement. And then i thought my cats were going to eat me alive. So i ran back outside. Then i thought the squirrels were going to come after me. So i ran into the basement but the cats were still there. So i ran in my room. And my socks on the floor were holding me hostage.

  2. I once went to my friends dealers house to buy a mod, he came out with this weird vaporizer thing and had us all hit it like 6 times, he told us it was cbd but we where trippin ass and it wasn’t cbd, we went home to find out it was laced with K2

  3. I feel like anyone who's ever smoked synthetic trees has a moment where you're high and you look in the mirror and you just see your entire life like a sad ass story that ends with you smoking fake weed looking in a mirror wondering what you're doing with your life and it's depressing af…then you go smoke again..

  4. This guy who invented the synthetic cannabinoids is dumb. Baucese its not THC which gives you all the health benefits, its CBD, and CBD doesnt get you high and its legal. So if you want the health benefits of Cannabis just extrakt the CBD like they do today. This guy did the complete opposit he synthesysed something thats like THC but way stronger, without health benefits and with much negatives

  5. I used to smoke that when I was a kid because it was easier to get than actual weed. Go to the gas station give the hobo a 20 and thats it. I stopped when I tried diablo like you said. It was terrible.

  6. K2 is fucked up and I somehow did it at the wrong time! The only good part was that I got into the Thug Life videos! I literally felt like a retard on it! Just legalize weed!

  7. Those K2 people are evil because if Spice formula #1 is illegal, they'll just go into the lab and change one thing to make a Spice formula #2, and so forth. Do you live in a state where it's still illegal even though its close to being 2018? Just curious. I used to buy a lot of this stuff. I used to smoke Djarums and would roll the cigarette to empty maybe 1/4 of the clove tobacco and replace it with spice. Now I only eat frozen cannabutter straight up without eating it with anything. I only do edibles now.

  8. New subby here, just binged watched all your videos and I find them really interesting! I’m from London In the Uk and we call it “Legal High” or “spice” it’s really popular here and so many people smoke it, there’s loads of different types, Pandora’s box, cherry bomb, clockwork orange.. I used to smoke it when I was younger and used to pass out from it, hallucinate from it, it would last for hours and there was even a shop right down the road from me which you could just walk into and buy it, and then I got off it and later found out that it came from bath salts, bleach, etc worse drug I’ve ever done!

  9. maybe its illegal because you still cant tax it. And if you did it be like taxing a banana. but a banana can be a boat. We dont tax food. And its a food with multiple uses. Other laws have to be altered first before this one may be legal. But soon.

  10. Ive seen your vids before, and i was thinking about K2, so glad YOU made a video. i feel i can trust you more than anyone, simply because ive watched a few other vids of yours.

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