What Conditions Can Cannabis Treat In Dogs and Animals?

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Is CBD for dogs and pets worth looking into if you have an older pet with bad hips or knees? What conditions can cannabis treat in pets and should you only use …

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  1. yes :*)
    my 16 year old pit bull was at his end.
    so, I started to get my landrace cannabis leaf and goldenseal leaf . Dried out the leafs and mixed together.
    at first old Humphrey didn't want the leaf. so I forced him to eat. on the first leaf mixture ,he was able to get up and wag his tail :*)
    after that, I would just leave a big pile of the leaf mixture out for him. My dog knew know that was helping him.
    Humphrey would eat on his own. he could walk and get up and seems he was smiling.
    rest in peace Humphrey:*(

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