Weed!!!!!……or FLOWER ????

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I know the old saying “a weed is just a flower in a unwanted place” .. Yes very true but have you stopped for a second and looked at how beautiful even weeds …

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  1. Lee, you have become the Liverpudlian equivalent of Monty Don. Thank you for all your very informative videos. I think every young man or woman wanting to start a career in gardening can learn a lot from your decades of experience. I think there is a great future in teaching people skills using the power of the internet and you have utilized the tool to its full extent. You seem to have great teaching skills and look forward to seeing a lot more in the future. Make sure you start steering away from the pesticides and chemicals in gardening because they will do too much damage to yourself and our environment. The most widely used herbicides are taking a toll on honey bees. The chemical appears to disrupt the microbial community in the bees’ digestive system, making them more vulnerable to infection. This is the reason for the alarming decline of honey bees in parts of the world, as well as that of other pollinators that live in colonies, such as UK bumble bees. Stay strong Lee and you never walk alone!!


  2. I was thinking about this the other day whilst weeding. The plants that seem to be doing the best are the weeds. It's amazing how successful they are at spreading themselves and their rapid growth.

    Also, just as amazing as to how stubborn they are to remove!

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