We Tried Deep-Fried Marijuana Leaves

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Shibumi in LA makes deep-fried marijuana leaves. They don’t actually get you high, but the fried leaves do have a calming effect. Shibumi fries the leaves in a …

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  1. I tossed yesterday few dry black domina leaves left from cloning… Fry them with nettle tops and eggs at the end… I was stond from 5pm till midnight…

  2. Couple of points. You'd have to eat a handful of those leaves to have any effect due the low amounts of CBD etc, 2 won't do you anything, I think we're actually talking about ounces, not even some handful. CBD salt helps somewhat..but then..salt isn't too good for you.

    Deep-frying isn't exactly the healthiest way to prepare food. That deep-fried leaf has more flour and extra fat than it has cannabis in it. You're basically eating the batter which has some cannabis in it, not the other way around. If it wouldn't look like hemp leaf hardly no-one could tell if they eating hemp, birch or maple leaves.

    This is more of a marketing trick than anything else.

    "woah I'ma eating hemp in restaurant!! this is so worth the money!1 OMG"
    -Very Original Hipster, 2019

  3. Wille Nelson been smoking it for 58 years ozzie Osborne the same I think I'll government Otto Legalize It make it available to buy over the counter and banned alcohol there's more people killed by drunk drivers and their it by people being high

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  5. Stop faking that it tastes good, it’s a drug, it’s addictive, so if you eat it often, of course you would absolutely love it 😱😨😨😱😱😱😱😱

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