VLOG1: Dabbing/Wax Addict | I Quit Cold Turkey (CHS Phase)

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I QUIT DABBING. This is my journey through personal rehabilitation. I was Dabbing 10x a Day and needed to . Follow me and see me Quit Cold Turkey!

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  1. You will get better I had the same thing for 40 days I was having 50 showers a day and wanted to kill my self cos no medication could help and in new Zealand they don't know what it is

  2. Pleased to see someone showing the confronting reality of this condition. Total nightmare. "I don't think I can do this" Once you get past this phase of doubt and horror you are home free. I must have strung this out 3 months by taking a hit for the symptoms. The high body temp is truly frightening.

  3. How are you doing now? I think it was dabbing and smoking about 3 g of flower a day that set me off about 2 months ago, I continue to smoke but I cut way back to like a gram a day or less, again I'm waking up with my stomach not feeling good again. I'm finally accepting that CHS must be my diagnosis, I'm going to slow way down on weed, I'm not sure if I'm going to completely stop, but I'm going to smoke less than half a gram a day for at least the next week.

  4. Dude!! I have had chs for 17 years. It's so brutal. Dont start again! I've relapsed probably a hundred times. It AWALYS comes back. It just got me again. Been stuck in the shower for weeks… capzasin cream helps but it burns sooo bad. Good luck

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