Vision problems in MS

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Beyond optic neuritis, there are several other vision problems common in MS, including double vision (diplopia due to misalignment or INO) and oscillopsia (due …

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  1. I have double vision but if I close either eye it doesn’t go away, so is this not MS related? I read if it’s MS related it will go away when closing an eye

  2. This video is great timing for me. I've just been referred to the eye department at my local hospital to investigate what options there are for treating my INO-related double vision.

  3. Thank you for info of double vision. For last three years I have been experiencing this,on and off. When I talked to my neurologist he said it was normal changes in vision (I have used corrective leans for 15 years prior to MS diagnosis.). So when I brought it up to my eye doctor he stated there was nothing wrong. It es so frustrated. I never knew what to call it. I hope at next month neurologist appt we can have a better conversation about it.

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