Vast & fast Auto 7 1/2 weeks from germination.

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Autoflower is 8 week plant from germination. Its amazing to see a plant grow this fast. Growers love .This video is for medical, educational and entertainment …

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  1. Fast & Vast ?? More like Slim Jim '-' It's not the genetics though
    I've seen some monster Fast & Vast but auto's you've got to get
    Everything right & Not stress them or that phase of growth lost
    & It can't be gained back !! I can see you've actually done ok !! &
    Normal photo – period you'd of done really well !! But I'll tell you
    What you did wrong ?? As I did it myself also !! Transplanted her
    Into a bigger pot ?? When you was meant to plant seed in final
    Pot !! You topped an auto-flower !! Her top bud gone & Stress is
    Recovery whilst not growing time (I didn't top) You've over fed
    Her I can see the burnt tips & I did this also !! Photo's eat better
    Finally light & Environment ?? No yellowing or curled up leaves
    So looks like you've done well overall & Done exactly the same
    As me !! Used skills & Knowledge learned with photo's on auto
    Doesn't work !! & They are ok once you adapt !! But photo when
    Vegged for 7/8 week & Topped, Tied & Mainlined HUGE buds '-'

  2. Topping definitely stunts autoflower strains by a large margin. My fast and vast bitch was a super heavy feeder in a 3 gal smartpot. I chopped her down at day 91 and yielded a little over a QP of dank ass buds. Of course I was using 24 hours of light, moving it into my 600W HPS grow tent and back under 648W of T5 with clones after I shut off the flowering tent. The nutrients were Jack's blossom builder and grow, alternating between the two for the whole grow. 1/2 TSP per gal of Jack's, mixed with Fox farm open sesame, beastie bloomz, and cha ching when buds started to form. My feeding schedule was to feed with every watering and it turned out great! BTW, the added Fox Farm nutrients with the Jack's was 1/4 TSP of the Fox Farm with the 1/2 TSP Jack's. I started with open sesame until buds began to form decently, switched to beastie bloomz afterwards and cha ching when the white hairs began to turn amber and curl inwards. NO FLUSHING AT ALL.

  3. Nice auto lol I just binge watched the season grow to see how this 8 week auto turns out.. Looks good I'm looking forward to future autos

  4. go check out Ashley kush she grows autos maybe she could give you tips on when too top your autos ,maybe it's a low rider auto I don't know she gets great yields I don't top my autos at all

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