UPA Founder and MS Patient Clark French – Sky News 29th June 2018

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UPA Founder and MS Patient Clark French on Sky News – Talking about how cannabis helps him so much better than other medications and why all patients …

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  1. Name is James dean Stuart I have Crohn's and colitis I spit up blood if I have a Tincher I do not spit up blood the stronger the cannabis the better for me it helps with colitis because when I got the illness I lost my appetite because I was smoking weed I was able to eat once a day my specialist said if it weren't for cannabis I would've been a lot tomorrow worse I was 6 Stein and it made my recovery a lot quicker I found that I had Crohn's not long after I start spitting up blood I started taking liquid THC it helped I started smoking at the age of 12 years old because I had a temper problem I was on Richland they were not helping the situation my brother introduced it kind me down better then the Redland I used to put my face through with this I cause 3000 pounds worth of damage to my moms house when I started smoking cannabis I calm down I stop or my face through the window I stop smashing the doors him Cannabisa lot of people

  2. MS  society  UK online  have treated  me  very  badly.   I have  fought MS  for  nearly  50 years  NO  meds  ever  to  slow it  down .Since 2009  daily have lived  with a GP telling me that I  can  die  any day , 2010  I nearly   died  with  complications  to  MS. I have  not had  the  help I need .NO one  cares   about  me .NHS  destroyed my  MRI  notes  and told me that I  will  not be helped.

  3. Brilliant Clark. You said everything I hoped you'd say n said it so well. If cannabis is going to be available medicinally, we MSers need easy access. I use it to help stop the horrible muscle spasms in my legs, so I can sit comfortably n sleep at night. I have been using for 26 years. I was diagnosed at 17. At age 22 I started smoking cannabis. Now I vape it and am bloomin' sure I would be in a much worse place now with my MS is I had not have been using it all this time. I am still on my feet n bringing up my two children with few problems. Cannabis MUST be available to us. It would be cruel not to. Great job Clark 👍

  4. Well done Clark! You did really well, spoke brilliantly. You're doing such a good job with helping the transition to legal accessibility to Cannabis. Keep it up!

  5. Think Prince Harry/ Megan should do talk on Medical Cannabis get Prince Charles's organic food brand Duchy Originals to start growing LOL

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