This is what happens to your brain when you take Xanax

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Dr. Samoon Ahmad is a practicing psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist. He explains what happens to someone’s brain when they take Xanax. He also …

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  1. I'm waiting for big pharma to invent little to robots that can go in your brain and repair your GABA receptors. Like a little work crew. That's the only way Benzo detox will be paiinless. I've been it throug it twice. First time was easy. I didn't know what withdrawals were, I just couldn't sleep right for a week. The second time I needed to go to a hospital. Where all they do is put you on a firm schedule, feed you high nutritional food, give you valium, antidepressants, and antihistimanes. YOu come out feeling great, but in about one week, when the Valium starts wearing off, you start experiencing withdrawals. I had vertigo for 2 months, and was depressed as hell. Then at the end of month two, it slowly started going away. I thought I would have vertigo forever because doctors couldn't find a cure. But 2 months, I was taking 15 to 20mg per day of xanax. and Stayed clean, except for the antidepressant.

  2. This guy is wrong my friend's. Eat xans for a couple days and u will pop dirty at least 10 days after. I have mucho experience in this field. This is a fact. Don't believe me? Take 2 or 3 bars for 2 or 3 days and go buy a benzo test for the 7th day after the last day u used and I promise u will pop dirty. I'm clean on my 14th day w out any and I have a healthy liver

  3. I have a big question: If you take only one that is 1mg and cut in half according to the prescription is this crap will kill me or damage my brain, liver, kidney etc? I am scared to death to try this crap. It makes very suspicious why on a earth a doctor would prescribe this for somebody that was victim of stress from many years and has problem to sleep and many worries about the abuse and discrimination. This crap is not solution for my problem(the abuse, the stress). I told the doctor "I am scared to death" to use this. I have read about it, it causes suicide, memory loss, it will disable me to go to work, etc. And he said "oh you are working", then use it on weekends". Really? what type of doctor is that, Mr. Smuocker. that does look at you, does not ask you if you are working and prescribe this bomb to you. I won't touch this crap that is a glambling to your health. Why I would take something that will add problem to my life. I don't get it. This doctor just wants to drug up people and get his money.

  4. it has deadly permanent effects on the brain. why they develop that kind of drugs? Xanax is indicated for what specific disease? why big pharma companies still manufacture illegal drugs on the market knowing it is harmful on health and might develop dangerous and deadly permanent brain damages including memory loss?

  5. I was prescribed 10mg Valium 3 times daily since age 18. I am 38 now, and I stopped taking it when I was diagnosed with pancreatic and liver cancer last year. I stopped taking it because the Dr. gave me oxycodone for pain, and mixing them is very dangerous! I am now at stage 4 โ€œend stageโ€ liver cancer. It has spread to my kidneys which are now failing, and my bones. Anyway, stopping that Valium was HARD!!!! I hated it, benzodiazepines are so dangerous

  6. As a person who had panic attacks my psychiatrist prescribed me xanax with seroxat. Now I am off xanax and seroxat, and all I can say is when a person has panic attacks or stress and anxiety problems the xanax makes you calmer and blocks the receptors. My dosage was 0,25mg was practically nothing, but it is enough to make you relax and sleepy.

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