They had zero experience with cannabis. Now they run a hemp farm.

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Despite having zero prior experience working with weed and knowing very little about hemp-derived CBD — a natural strain of cannabis that’s legal to have and …

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  1. You can tell they don't have a clue by the way they dry there cannabis in a room with lots of daylight it should be dried in a dark room with controlled humidity and controlled temperature

  2. Smart! Let's quit school jump into a field we know nothing about. Competing with almost every farm in America with farmers and growers who have degrees and/or over 20years experience growing cannabis. This is how product value and price crash. This is how we hand it over to the large companies like Monsanto. Keep digging for gold, morons.

  3. Guys like this would have to grow their own. Robbed a million weanies just like this in highschool, back when weed was still for "poor degenerates" rich kids need to stay in college.

  4. I work in the marijuana industry. Makes me sick to see all these rich kids use daddies money to start up a cannabis business. They risked nothing, did nothing to progress the industry and now they have million dollar grows. America is ran by rich brats. Over 80% of millionaires in the USA had their money inherited. It’s not about working hard it’s about what family you are born into. Now it’s happening in the marijuana industry. Sad!

  5. Corporate idiots fuck the cannabis industry up..cbd is gold Rush of our era..they better enjoy while they can.cause when he FDA gets involved.little guys like this will get pushed out..just like legalization of cannabis did to medical..

  6. These dudes are rich noobs who give small mom and pop growers like myself bad rep,fuck theses dudes💯and learn how to grow and harvest properly

  7. U r right,,it has to be parent funded..the money needed to start that operation is a large college in debt and they buy this massive place, equipment etc..

  8. What's funny to me is that dumb ass people actually think hemp cbd is effective. CBD needs thc to actually work. More thc than what's in hemp. Don't be fooled people, don't buy into the bullshit of hemp cbd.

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