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As laws ease and public opinion leans towards legalization, Forbes looks inside the billion dollar industry of marijuana and the impact it can have on the …

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  1. Why not make it legal?? Most hospitals use Marijuana on patients to cure pain and depression. It's good for pain and it releases your stress. It's especially good for people who suffer from depression. Why do you think God created plants, fruits, vegetables, and fish cause it makes you live longer and its good for the body and brain. The reason all these yrs Marijuana has been illegal its because of our politicians and they are the ones who promoted as it is bad, but really it isn't.

  2. federal legalization is going to happen. No doubt about it.  Because it is all about the benjamins, especially for the U.S. government, and bringing in millions if not billions of tax dollars every year from legal marijuana will be just too good to pass up

  3. Wondering when they would legalize opium which appears black, and its refined products of various kinds which are white in color —— might it make the people who smoke it wanna make it out with WHITE people?    @ derrell Record 

  4. This is most apparently a darng good news for the United States — just think about the number of employments and profits to be generated in service industry (such as smoking parlors like karaoke parlars), the retail shops, the intermediary sellers, the wholesale dealers, the farmers growing the pots, and the taxes revenues!  This is really one of the best news since Iraq war.     

  5. America's #1 source of income is drug dealing,
    and I bet you think it's street gangs doing it. NOPE!
    -The CIA(Cocaine Importers of America) are doing it.
    -They manufactured crack cocaine and distributed it to the inner cities in an attempt the stupid generation of junkies.

  6. there's an upside and a downside to this. i like the fact that they are moving toward legalizing marijuana, but what if the entire country was to legalize marijuana, totally drying up the black market bud. What if the government ends up with control over the market and they drive the prices up. I know someone can grow it but wouldnt it still be harder to get some amazing weed from a local dealer, compared to a dispensary..? 

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