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MERRY JANE Although 33 U.S. states have now legalized medical marijuana, many states still allow employers to discriminate …

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  1. Not all Marijuana causes the Munchies. All strains are different.
    I always eat before I smoke I don’t have to get up and get something to eat while I’m trying to smoke and chill.

  2. Weed burns through glucose in the brain, which comes for sugar, so you'll get a craving for sugary things to replace that glucose.
    Nonsugar foods you might get the munchies for too, because everything tastes better high.

  3. Dumb government how do I explain… I want to Colorado Smoke 💨 all the green I could get my hands on for to weeks then come back home Iowa and take a pee test and get fired even tho I have not smoked since I came back from Colorado. Same thing when applying for a job u have to take a pee test but your not high or drunk at the time or three out the week guess what your still going to fail that pee test. Stupid this mess needs to change

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