The Next 5 States Poised to Legalize Marijuana

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What are the next 5 states poised to leaglize cannabis in 2018? Take a look at the next states that could bring the legal state totals up to 34 in 2018. Read this


  1. I currently live in a state marijuana is illegal however I smoke almost every day and if by chance I get arrested I'll sue the government for playing both sides of the fence, medically I should have a prescription more then 88% that gets it without real injury or reason but to only smoke. I've been ejected from a flipping vehicle twice once at 70mph and another at 140mph please I dare you tell me not to smoke marijuana freely I'll see you in front of Gowdy in supreme court's, equality for all not only certain people or States

  2. How are you going to post a video with this title, and the picture for the video has the arrow pointing directly at my state, but it's not listed on here. btw, South Carolina may pass it in May 2018

  3. I always thought that as Americans we were all suppose to have equal rights, it's not right some states get to have it and some don't and it has taken some of my family away from me. When Colorado first went legal my aunt, uncle and two cousins moved away to Colorado and I have missed them since. They said they would move back if it ever became legal in Indiana but I laughed and said good one.

  4. New Jersey is actually the next state which will legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, as their Governor-elect, Phil Murphy has promised to legalize pot in his first 100 days, and he takes office in January. Oklahoma should legalize medical marijuana in June. After that, Michigan will vote on recreational pot Nov. 2018.

  5. Marijuana has been legalized here in WA state for the last few years, no increase in crime, amazing tax revenues and people are very respectful. Nobody smokes it on the corner, I think most people smoke at home as you never see it or even smell it unless you're at the store picking it up.. those people who say they're concerned about added crime or that it's a gateway drug are seriously misinformed..

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