The Gadget That Measures How Strong Your Weed Smells

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With cannabis legalization happening in states across the US and all of Canada, weed regulation is a new frontier for entrepeneurs and existing businesses …

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  1. If this device goes mainstream then Cops & other nosey busy bodies in illegal states / countries will use this to find out who is smoking weed in which location , this is not good at all I am gonna be so worried next time I Toke up.

  2. lol bro this wack AF. If you stand in a room full of weed for 30 mins you are not going to smell it anymore. So if you go outside and use this smelloscope, of course you are not going to smell anything.

  3. Hey Vice, why not put out a PSA reminding the viewers in states where cannabis is illegal or otherwise prohibited, that we need to contact our legislatures to tell them to legalize it. Remember, most of the country still isn't free, and you're broadcasting freedoms. You're just teasing the rest of us with something that could get us jail-time while you're just loving it and living it up, having forgotten that the battle is still being waged, and most Americans don't have legal access to this.

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