THC VS CBD:What's The Benefit

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  1. Wow y’all have similar mannerisms and talking styles lol … I love it! This is great info … As a cannabis user I’ve been debating rather to stop or use an alternatives

  2. Hi you seem to have a lot of information on natural medicine, do you have an email that I can contact you at in regards to some questions I have?

  3. CBC gets you high frfr. I drank some today for the first time after not smoking cannabis for 3 weeks and I'm high as Hell. So you are lying about not getting high off of it. I like it though. 😎

  4. My soap, body butter, bath salt and free bath bomb just arrived. I was waiting on the mailman at the door LOL. This body smells soooo good y'all.

  5. Nice to hear about additional products outside of basic CBD oil. Sounds like your doing some great things for your community. Wishing you continued success making the world better with CBD

  6. Wow i have badddd anxiety I've been lookjng to take cbd oil for a long time now because i cannot have marijuana anymore i need something for my anxiety

  7. Thank you the information and your website. I am a true CBD believer. I live in Vegas and it has helped me tremendously to eliminate most of my medical prescriptions that are addictive and have tons of side effects. I have introduced so many people to CBD. I will be checking out you website.Thanks

  8. King Kareem! I just had a marvelous spiritual exchange with cousin Queen Mother Marvina.

    She is so authentic! I was singing her praises for all of her work and guess what she did? She turned around and gave thanks to her cousin Kareem!

    Y'all are a beautiful family! BEAUTIFUL SPIRITS! She said, "Please let my cousin know how GREAT he is doing." I said, "I'm on it!"

    You deserve it! You, too, are so authentic and you give it to us raw and uncut (pun UNintended).

    I love y'all! I love YOUR Queen for being in these trenches getting this work done with you. Y'all are raising a beautiful Black family! I'm investing in my people!

    Keep doing your thing the way you do it King! – Queen Raelisha Smith

  9. THCA is non psychoactive and arguably just as medicinally active as CBD. CBDA is also miraculous in its own right. Thanks for sharing, much love yall

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