T5 Veg Grow Light Review – What is the best veg grow light 2018?

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  1. Very nice video and a lot of details, I trust you, you explain very well. I ve seen that you also produce led lights,they seem that they do far better than tha top listed brand leds like kindled black dog platinum led and all that bullshit. For flowering the KING is Hps or De-hps (but to many Watts) for me. do you also make led specially for veg? And which one would compare to an 400mh

  2. Hi, Iam looking for the led or t5 that have the shape of tube (for the led), and good of grow fruit, like strawbery or tomato, can you suggest me some product ?
    And which spectrum that good for grow fruit ?
    Thank you.

  3. @Migro…so for veg we need red? Hortilux makes tubes are 420 nm and a 460 nm. They recommend only the blue for veg.
    If you made a light led specific for vegging…..that would be a game changer….
    So we need red and white spectrum for veg?

  4. I am looking for a veg led light for my 80cm x 95cm cupboard but it's Only 80cm tall so I am only left with quantum board's or CFL ,the LED lights the good ones anyway need to be a certain distance, wouldn't mind seeing a test on led tubes v florescent tubes as I've ordered 1 for seedlings

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