Sunday Night Multiple Sclerosis Q&A with Dr. Boster!

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Sunday Night Multiple Sclerosis Q&A with Dr. Boster! LIVESTREAM with me!! COMMENT with your thoughts and questions below! I look forward to reading and …

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  1. Stroke can mimic MS? My father had strokes. He didn’t have parasthesia, heat sensitivity, etc. I’m hanging out without a diagnosis. The MS doctor I saw said if he had to lean a direction, he’d lean toward MS. But I’m 62, spinal fluid is normal, no spinal lesions, no optical neuritis (though my vision was blurry for about 2 years and glasses didn’t help) Finally a good optomatrist found I had slight double vision. Both neurologists said possible Cerebral small Vessel Disease. I’ve tried to find stories of people having my symptoms with this but I can’t. I’d love to know about people with these symptoms with Small Vessel Disease! All my symptoms are very much like all the MS stories. I’m not really looking for a diagnosis, but I would like to keep learning and searching.

  2. I love that you asked your wife if you could come on! 💪👍
    I have a lot of trouble swallowing, thanks for the information.

  3. The barometric thing is true for me to.
    I can cope with constant cold or constant heat (with low humidity), but changing weather makes me very tired and hard to wake up in the morning, plus some brain fog.

  4. Hello from Michigan! Thank you for another live stream. I have missed the last 2 because I was actually busy doing other stuff, which is great for me!
    I have two things I wanted to mention. The first is that I had been feeling so bad, and thinking it was MS. I kept hearing you talk about the importance of treating depression in MS. I have been stubborn about taking the recommended dose of antidepressant, but now that I am I feel human again!
    The second thing is that my walking had been slowly getting worse and worse, and I was thinking it was MS and there was nothing I could do about it. My doc sent me to PT and after just less than a week of doing strengthening, my walking is already improving. Feeling optimistic for the first time in a while!

  5. Dr. Bos' we all really appreciate your generosity with these sessions. I wish you all the best. Just don't work too hard, lol. I'm amazed myself at all there is to learn. My uncle had MS too, so my Mom used to raise money for research. Also, my dad died at 86 of complications from aspiration pneumonia. God bless you. 🙂

  6. Hi! Fay from Jerusalem, with a question about changing therapies. I told you my story: 56, diagnosed in May 2018 despite that I have probably been limping around with PPMS since 2010 and blaming it on a torn knee band and the anxiety and depression on the abusive marriage, with caregivers in every field of medicine gone deaf, dumb and blind. TG, just did second round of Ocravus at Hadassah and am awaiting results of a second brain MRI to check how well the first round worked.
    Suddenly, I hear that there is a program offering stem cell transplant therapy – to foreign citizens (!?) – for $120,000 (!!?? 🤬), in Sha'are Tzedek hospital. I qualify as an American citizen, but besides for the cost, it sounds to me like too much of a salad of therapies. No? Do you mind if I send you a translation of the main points of the new MRI when I get it, and we'll hope I'm doing better? I'm not taking anything else except Clonex, and a lot of vitamin supplements. What do you think 🤔? Thanks for listening, and for your great info, and best greetings from Jerusalem!!
    P.S: would love to get notification that you're going on live Sunday nights, that's just right for me to go online (-7 hours). Thanks again!! ‼️

  7. Hello Sir, I have Optic Neuritis in my right eye in January 2019 which is now improving with steroids (IV Steroid 1gm a day for five days) but from last few days (10-15) I am feeling occasional pain in my left eye and also headache in left side of my head but the vision is good in left eye is this a symptom that I am having Optic Neuritis in my left eye alsoI am bit of scared because vision of my right eye is also not 100%

  8. Hey Doctor B, I've hit the bell and I get your notifications about new vids and when you're live, but I might not always be able to watch in real time at that point for various reasons, but mainly because I haven't blocked off that specific time to watch your Q&A live. Do you have a schedule/pre-notification times/dates online anywhere for your livestreams, or are your live Q&As a bit like MS relapses: appearing out of the blue without warning. (But much better in content, of course.) 😉 I totally get that you're doing these videos in your own time around your work and family commitments, so this isn't a criticism btw. Just wondering if I'm missing something obvious.

  9. Hello Dr., I hv watched most of your videos which are very helpful n knowledgeable. I hv a question could you please clarify whether am I also suffering from MS. As per my VEP report – 'VEP study showed prolonged P 100 latency on both sides done by checker stimulation. Right 150.3 ms and left 146.1 ms.' Is it related to multiple sclerosis??

  10. Oh I wish had known about the live stream! Thank goodness for YouTube replays. Thanks for all you do. If you plan on more evening streams that would be great for us West Coast Folks, because of the time zone difference. BTW, what ever happened to the 2019 Word of the Year? I remember that you actually took a poll. I may have missed a follow up.

  11. This was wonderful! Thanks, Dr. B! One thing I finally figured out about moderating is that I’m allowed to hide or block comments from those who are being inappropriate in their comments. I’m definitely happy to do that.

    Anyone else out there know more about moderating that can give me some pointers? Thanks in advance. 😊

    Have a fantastic week, everyone, and hopefully this becomes a regular activity on Sunday nights.

  12. Even tho you weren’t able to have the live video of your Cannabis talk on Saturday, lots of us showed up and we had a nice chat. We all agree you are the best. Love the Sunday night live video.

  13. I've had one visit so far with my new neurologist. I got a feeling that she seemed strange a bad vibe if you will. Do you have any questions that are good to find out if my doctor is knowledgeable with MS as well as if we would be a good fit. Thanks

  14. Hi Thanks for the info u post. Right now I'm having itching all over an bladder issue. Can this happen because of my m.s. condition? Just asking Thanks again

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