Study Reveals The True Dangers Of Marijuana

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A study appears to have found a correlation between prolonged marijuana usage and a gradual loss in verbal articulation. However, this study has some holes …

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  1. I’ll be dumbed down a bit that’s fine it’s not gonna kill me and I can’t say that about a lot of other things even children do regularly such as McDonald’s.

  2. Weed is for beta losers who have no clue what life really is , just like the whole alcohol addicts and addicts of any other psychically influencing drug

  3. There are no studies needed for the blatantly obvious !
    You'll never see anyone that starts using marijuana elevate their morals , responsibilities, or raise their work ethics .
    But you will see lots of them ,have abortions ,sexually transmitted diseases, difficulty holding a job, unfaithful in relationships become
    single parents and have abandoned child etc .

  4. I was a daily smoker for nearly 20 years. Only reason I stopped was for fear of getting hurt at work, and then losing my job and health insurance for my kids. Worst thing I ever did stoned was eat too much.

  5. Most of my acquaintances who smoke weed have become apathetic even to their own families. Also, their level of intellect has become poor since they no lomger can keep up with social issues or new topics. These are daily users. I don't know about moderate users.

  6. I had something important to say, but I cant remember what it was…..
    oh yeah, I remember now. It was, not all things should be remembered. Forgetting can be useful, even therapeutic.

  7. He is a LUNATIC disguised as a respectable man. Any educated man can see that toxic and poison of pot and how it has ruined 1000's of lives.

  8. so I guess he is trying to say, Marijuana use doesn't make you stupid, Just the people who do use it are stupid to begin with.

  9. Same shit different day. You have to love the people who can sit down, say marijuana is bad for you, is the most "dangerous" drug in the world when they themselves smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol. Seriously this debate/argument what the fuck ever you want to call it needs to stop. Marijuana has been literally proven to kill cancer in a test tube, that it also turns off the gene that is seen in patience's with different aggressive types of cancers. It helps relieve pain/headaches migraines/stomach aches nausea etc etc. Their are so many medical benefits for marijuana it literally out weighs the "cons" if you even want to call them that. Ask yourself this question: How many people per year does alcohol and cigarettes kill? It is in the hundreds of thousands, yet marijuana the so called "most dangerous drug" ever known has not killed 1 single person in all of its existence and it is to this very day ILLEGAL.

  10. Yea maybe its an adult vice just like anything else so we should tax and regulate it like alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and porn. Over 21 to enjoy and sure there are risks but minimize them by using a vaporizer and picking the right strain for you. Btw compared with long term use of alcohol tobacco guns and even porn, a little lack of vocabulary recall ability isn't so bad. I use medical marijuana everyday and compared with the kids of my generation (26) who dont even know Brussels is in Belgium or Europe for that matter and think we speak American.. Seriously have you seen how the kids of the younger generations communicate?? Forget being able to put together and recall correct grammar and "big" words lol these kids dont even speak to each other anymore its all become digital, and when they try to communicate they cant and get frustrated and have no idea how to behave and act out to be either comforted by their over bearing parents or get rewarded for bad activity..

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