Strong marijuana use increases risk of psychosis, study finds

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Smoking high-potency marijuana every day could increase the chances of developing psychosis by nearly five times, according to the largest-ever study to …

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  1. People.being ignorant. Ofcourse it causes psychosis. Please grow up. If younuse too much of it all the time it can ruin a community. Im from a third world country….in the pacific. Everyday 24/7 young boys and adults sit and smoke and rob people and other crimes. They are lazy and do not want to contribute to society. I have froends who lost their minds because of this. Yes i smoke weed too ..only at events or festivals not everyday..Its important that people understand that marijuana has good and bad effects.

  2. Yeah, marijuana smoking has its drawbacks. How about the drawbacks from prescription drugs, vaccines, synthetic ingredients in various cosmetics + lotions + cleaning chemicals + fabrics, artificial ingredients, etc? Gee, I wonder why the US mainstream media of superior freedom and justice does not talk about common toxins created and dishonestly promoted by America's corporate cartels and major corporations.

  3. Which is why so many potheads are eternally delusional and vote for the leftist crap that AOC, Bernie Sanders et al are pushing for.

  4. For what it's worth, in my view, it is obviously true that marijuana, or other psychedelics, can catalyze psychosis where there otherwise would have been relative normalcy.  I speak from years of personal experience.

    That is not to say that any such problem must inherently be involved with use of that same substance under other conditions, as with other psychological/biochemical/energetic/etc. personal makeup.  I am more aware than most of the serious dangers, yet I hold hope for the possibility of right use.

    There is a reason the mind altering experience compels.  It taps into forces more powerful than people give it credit.  No one fully knows the ineffably enigmatic truth of entheogenic psychedelia in its entirety, as it cuts to the core of what lies deepest in the matrix of identity and reality, crafting experience of existence.  Take care in your discernment or assumptions. In traversing the Chaos, forever aim at whatever (you perceive) is Good & True. Then check your aim.

  5. The study that they're citing shows this but it doesn't account for a lot of different factors that go into it, including if the people with psychosis use weed because of their psychosis, or whether or not their weed had impurities.

  6. There is THC and CBD in marijuana, Studies have also shown that CBDs Counter act that psychosis , so there should be many variations with different measures of both that do very different things to each person without causing a psychosis. Some medical experts think that by removing that CBD you create a drug that induces a psychosis. I heard that a supplier in Washington state is making 100% thc to vape/smoke , not sure how that will play out, it can't be a good thing.

  7. Well that's more likely from people that smoke it to be popular or part of a group and other people that know how to realize and rationalize thought know how to respond to something other than their own thought.
    The sheltered people comes to mind in thinking they are off their rocker or vice versa.

    I'm guessing more often that people that are high strung and smoke it continually are already close to psychosis for being high strung.

    In fact what it does is probably brings out what they're really thinking.

    My guess is highly energetic people are highly energetic because they're already psychotic.

    Where as laid-back people are little more in control of the situation.

    Wherein psychiatry doesn't study the actual reality of thought.
    They study something that'll get patients to come back or allow them to write a prescription to make money from.

  8. Just once can there be oh I don't know all the dozens of studies that say it's a good thing for your heath on the news ? they find one bad thing and then every news Outlet hops on that it seems .

  9. Just another push to stop progress with fear mongering. Once it's legal everywhere and corporations are getting rich, the stories will do a complete 180.

  10. Some of these titles say there is a link between cannabis use and psychosis and some say it directly influences psychosis.

    This video doesn’t correspond with the latter, but your title suggests it does.

    What are the links?

  11. Yes, I have seen many people go down the tubes as it were and I have seen some people completely unaffected…. so it just boils down to your physiology or something. I personally think anything that alters your mind, cannot be good long term, be it alcohol, tobacco or marijuana.

  12. It's funny how so many of you stoners are just anti news when it comes to pot unless the news is legalization but with anything else you just buy in to it, like Trump-Russia collusion. Don't you care that it might be harmful to you or others? There certainly is enough evidence to suggest it should be looked it. NO drugs are without side effects.

    Believe me, the mainstream media are for legalization!

  13. These scientists also indicated that this is a theory. They had found NO definite link that using marijuana caused psychosis. So this is just clickbait.

  14. WHEN will the damn morons get that these sorts of correlational studies do not, cannot, prove anything…they show associations, not causations. Proper headline should have read "Strong marijuana use ASSOCIATED with risk of psychotic episode". And the obvious alternative explanation would be "People getting ready for psychotic episodes seek out stronger drugs".

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