Sorting Myself Out | How I Quit Smoking Pot

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This is my Jordan Peterson inspired vlog where I have been attempting to sort myself out. In this video I share 5 ways which can help you to stop smoking marijuana. I have created a Patreon…


  1. Good effort! We are all struggling if we are watching your videos, you have to commit as an inspiration now, you spoke out! I am months behind you and in university (failing psychology). I have already signed up as a patreon to Dr JP & look forwards to your next video,, ahh the weed ,, Mary-Jane is a harsh mistress.

  2. Great video, man. I know you said that you want to stop making videos as an incentive for yourself but I'd say don't stop because of shame about not meeting the goals. I think your followers can identify a lot with the struggle and are not at all judging your efforts and failures. All the best to you. 🙂

  3. Andrew – good job. You are coming across very effectively. I really enjoyed the swim sequence in the lake because I have a GoPro 6, and I am an expert snorkeller, and the music track was great. I was shocked at the meal you ate. Wow! Still it seems you are doing well. If you eat 2 Kilograms of mildly-steamed Broccoli and one orange, it will help you. 2,491 Calories is more than you'll burn off. It appears you are benefitting from your search for self-esteem and actualization. One thing that helped me in general was reading some other literature on self-realization. The concepts in the Enneagram of Passions and Virtues is interesting.

  4. don't forget "2 steps forward, 1 step back" , this way is less painful…but don't make that "step back" a conscious decision if you know what i mean..if you can take 2 steps forward and 0 steps back that's the ideal. Just don't forget it's normal to fall back a little

  5. Several years ago, I smoked weed every day for over a year. When my stash ran out I stopped. I had neither any physical or psychological withdrawal symptoms. I didn't even miss it. Whenever I hear about people struggling to quit smoking weed it sounds bizarre to me. I was high every day for over a year and it took me literally no effort whatsoever to stop.

  6. I don't think you should quit your weekly blog because you went off course for one day. I think you need to stay committed to putting out a weekly blog, no matter what. That way you develop a solid habit at the very least with this and continue to improve your blogging/editing skills (which are getting better). Also your audience (me) still have something to look forward to hehe. Life is cycles man, you go up and down, round and round, but as long as you're moving forward, ascending and consistently improving that's all that counts. Also about the weigh in, you probably just had a 10lb shit in your colon from all the food you consumed lol. Next time just take a dump before you weigh yourself – you're looking better than you ever have in these blogs. So stop being so hard on yourself mate and thinking that somehow you're meant to be perfect all the time. Be easy!

  7. My life improved exponentially once I started smoking weed. Life is different for everyone eh? Sorry you couldn't handle it. Heck, Predizoone sends some people into an uncontrollable rage.

  8. Aw darling, the more i see of your body the more it seems like you are not overweight, you simply have gluten intolerance or coeliac disease issues. The sudden weight gains are not overeating, it's inflammation, poor digestion, and poor water elimination due to gluten torturing you GIT and tissue/organs. Cravings and overeating happen becasue of this, since people who can't handle gluten but eat it are malnourished. Your body isn't able to utilise the nutrients from food. Please try paleo eating.

    Edit: You don't have to eat one meal a day, love. If you eat a nice paleo meal, like the one you made, you can eat 3 meals a day no problem. You will lose weight I promise. Get rid of the milk in you coffee though.

  9. Listen man, I lost 20 pounds this summer. Got muh 6 pack back.

    -Your diet is not manageable long term. When I did one meal per day, I would get irrational and eat ice cream. A lot of it.

    -You should eat over a window of time. One meal is not intermittent fasting, which I learned the hard way. You'll get irrational and eat garbage.

    -Eat fruit when you're hungry. If you are going to do intermittent fasting, use a 5-6 hour window.

    -Also, don't use too much protein powder. I dunno how much you are doing, but one 30g scoop should do. The idea of 1g protein/pound of lean weight is for gaining significant muscle. The surplus of calories are expected to be burned off by somebody who is extremely active, or it is just expected with the intention of it later being cut.

    -Your lean body mass (the weight of your total mass – fat) is probably around 150-160. You should be striving for about half of that to have a normal diet, and a bit more depending on how active you are. 100 grams would be just fine too. One pound of chicken has about 60 grams. The meal you ate here, including the protein powder, is way too much. You will gain weight unless you are extremely active.

    -But! Even though you were the same weight, you clearly lost fat and gained muscle. This happened to me, but I didn't want to just become a massive dude. I just wanted to clear the fat away. So I cut back to one scoop per day, and a pound of chicken per day, with fruit whenever I was hungry. It shed really fast. But I did workout 3 hours per day and have an extremely active physical labor job.

    -You can't let it get to your mind that you need more food than the average person because of your size. Nope. You need to get used to portions that lean people eat. And you must understand how lean people treat themselves, because they too enjoy ice cream and chocolate, but in healthy portions.

    -You absolutely must allow moderate snacking to truly enjoy the benefits and glory of shedding fat. Sugar is addictive, but certainly not evil. Do you want a future with no ice cream or Snickers Bars? Or do you want a future where you have become wise and principled enough to enjoy these godly blessings in moderation? You should only deprive yourself of snacks if you are dieting very intensely for a short period of time (like an actor losing weight for a roll).

    -Anyways, you're on a good path. Keep it up. You have lost fat. This is good.

  10. Problem with food is you just can't quit it, like tobacco or pot, in your case.

    Food has been my comfort whenever I've felt depressed. I've always had problems with overindulging in food as well – like eating lots of candy after eating an entire pizza. It's been around 2 weeks since I last did that.

    We were going out to celebrate my mom's birthday and I had decided beforehand I would have desert (they have delicious cake at the place we where going). I had initally promised myself that this day, I would treat myself because I had been strict with my diet. But then later that evening I snuck down to the store and bought a big bag of candy and I promptly ate all of it. The first few pieces were sweet but the rest just tasted like bitterness, disappointment and defeat.

    Personally, having a scheduled cheat day wouldn't work for me. At least not for now. I need to be super strict with my eating. Maybe some time from now, I can be more lenient and indulge myself with a friday night pizza but for now I'm on a strict LCHF diet.

  11. I love your shots. Every setting looks stunning. It's very nice to hear from you as well. I believe you're doing so much good for yourself and the world by fixing your life. You're really inspiring. 

    Best wishes and the best of encouragement to you on continuing your journey.

  12. Am 7 months and 19 days free from Marijuana and I still have problems with motivation but I do kinda know now that I have to force myself to keep motivated and active.

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