SoCal Cannabis grow update

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Autos! Dealing with leaf damage, shout outs and updates.

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  1. Awesome job brother! This is my type of grow. Kali and Sunset are the shit, but their grows would be enough to feed a small town. I love that you just use a garden bed and go directly into the ground. This is something I wish other growers do as well and not feel the need to use containers. Especially for newer growers. The mycorrhizae will build a web throughout the whole bed and communicate the needs of all 4 plants, plus the plants will communicate to each other. Unless you are a beast and know exactly what you are doing with containers, this is the best way for people to grow, in my opinion. I'm excited about your grow and will watch through the end. Cheers

  2. That weird leaf structure, the single blade thing going on, is what happens when the plant reverts back into veg from flower. Looks like they’re photos that you put out a little early so they started to flower. They’ll pop back into veg though unless they’re too far into flowering. Peace✌️
    Watching again those leaves just may have a weird shape! Lol

  3. Growmie!!! Looking great. Do you know where you got those seeds? That you think are autos… Either way its going to be awesome to see what happens. Man dosi dos lucky man there awsome strain. Way cool having them hooked up to a irrigation setup. Do you have a inline filter hooked up to it? Thanks for the shout out. On the fence about starting a channel and letting people follow along. Would be awesome to show you at least. Keep the great videos coming growmie. Look forward to watching everyone. 👌

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