Smoke report #2 Special Kush #1 marijuana

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here is my smoke report for this 2nd harvest of SK1 🙂 enjoy! Flora nova grow and bloom full spectrum veg lights on 24/7 HPS lights for bloom lights on 12/12 drip …

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  1. Thanks for showing love bro!!!!!! Nice grow…. I'm growing white widow in my closet under 180 watt LED….. Could I contact u on skype or email.. I have a few questions… Thanks in advance

  2. also I really like the way you respect the plant and aren't a burnout👊

    grow for passion not for profit
    grow your own grow in peace

    come join us in hash church every Sunday on bubblemans world ( I am not affiliates with bubblemans world just like to promote like minded people in same direction)

    keep it up, you're on the right track ✌✌

  3. bf … go look of it that … since you have planted your special kush, recommend me something about them ? the could put in a 3 liter pot and take them into the pot a month and then make pruning and you pass them to a larger pot ? greetings from Spain!

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