Should we make marijuana legal? Is marijuana legalized a bad thing? Lets make pot legal by 2018…

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If you smoke marijuana should you be a criminal? A former addict shares his views on the current drug enforcement policy regarding marijuana. If you struggle to quit drinking or using drugs…


  1. Thanks for the video and I totally agree with your views. I'm an Australian and the problem is the same over here. In the state I live in pretty much everything is illegal except nicotine and alcohol. These are 2 of the most dangerous and addictive drugs yet Cannabis is illegal. It's so sad that good weed or any weed for that matter is harder to get than meth and many other far more dangerous substances.
    Meth use is rampant here like in America. I live in a regional area and it's everywhere. I have a lot of experience with Cannabis. I've smoked it since I was 15 years old, grown it for over 20 years and done extensive research into the plant itself and the endo-cannabinoid system. Personally I find it a positive in my life. The negative is law and society's perception of Cannabis so I am forced to sneak around like a criminal. BTW I have worked hard since I was 15, own my house and am retired at 44. Where's my documentary? You only ever hear the negative stories.

  2. In high school I smoked a lot of pot. One thing I miss from smoking weed is how unspiritual I am now compared to then. My friends and I would go on Epic hikes and meditate on giant rocks. I was definitely more in touch with energy in general.

  3. I've never touched recreational drugs before and have no desire to do so. Your videos make a shit load of sense. I learned a ton from you and now I am intrigued by these drugs. Thanks!

  4. I am all for legalizing pot even though I do not like it. That said,I hear that pot can be an upper or downer effects and smoking it is a different effect that eating it? Nevertheless, Ive been saying it should be legal since 2000. It will become legal as time goes by but I agree, we need to make it legal now! Addictive? Maybe! But I am addicted to coffee! and nicotine. nobody seems to worry about that.

  5. Love your videos, and you make some strong points. I totally agree that the way drugs are scheduled needs to me completely done away with. However, as someone who lives in Colorado, there are downsides to legalization. For example, the black market for pot has actually gotten worse since legalization. We have dealers from other states and countries coming here to sell because they think they can just because it's legal here. Seeing the effects in Colorado and other legalized states, I can't help but think the cartels presence would be even stronger if the country legalized.

  6. Various amounts of THC actually repairs/treats cognitive memory function notably for old age, dementia, alzheimer's, brain damage or diseases and disorders in people.

    Also Legal in Mexico, Legal in Canada September 2018.

  7. 1:42
    We are the Millennial Generation!
    I'm a Millennial, but I still laughed my ass off when I heard that.
    As if being a "Millennial" gives you special attributes, or something. What?

  8. Also weed is bad man. Just cause it doesnt kill you doesn't mean it's good. Our natural cbd system needs to work on its own. It's like Opiates, same shit. Opiates work because you have an internal morphine system in your body with receptors that react to morphine and Opiates. You should only give your body exercise and healthy food man, that's it. Cbd and thc will throw off your endocanabanoid system just how Opiates throw off your natural painkiller system. The only difference is Opiates have the potential to overdose, thc and CBD can't kill you because it doesn't control breathing like OPIATES do.

  9. It's not stupid that marijuana is illegal. You think the owners of the country are dumb? It's obviously illegal for a reason. Money. They want it kept illegal for a multitude of reasons. I don't know all the reasons because I'm not up top with them.

  10. "people die from alcohol every day" (My dad included) and thats legal yeah? marijuana " 0 deaths" Lets make that shit illegal cuz we hate our ppl and want em to die. i think all drugs should be legal and its your own choice if you want to take them or not no one is forcing you to take drugs… same as now you choose for yourself. either make all drugs legal or make all drugs illegal or atleast legalize the safe drugs and make alcohol and tobacco illegal cuz that shit kills more ppl than anything else…

  11. I sometimes forget weed is illegal. All my friends smoke, none of the older people im around care. And i finish a half oz bi-weekly, the cops in my area just stomp on it when they find it too. Its not worth the paper work if theres nothing to seize.

  12. Comparing Marihuanato Heroin or meth is Just a Bad Joke. Its on a slighly lower Level than alcohol i think. Its physiacally Not toxic but has also a not underestinatable psychoactive role.
    It makes people very lazy which is not good for fitting the role in our societies.

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