Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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  1. Criminalize work place drug tests. The Sun is more harmful than Marijuana. I can die from drinking too much water, but I can't die from smoking too much weed. More people die from sugar, criminalize that. Democrats, (Franklin D Roosevelt) first criminalized Marijuana solely for racist reasons against Mexicans, and then Blacks (Fact). They have a breathalyzer that can detect recent (1-6 hours) of Marijuana use. That is more fair for work place testing than 30 days worth of urine or hair. They don't pay me when I am off work. Maybe they should if they want to control my off work activities. God made Marijuana. It is not man made and reproduces from its own seed 100% Naturally, unlike alcohol or cigarettes (Both major killers and major health care costs). Democrats suck. They always try to tell people what they can and cant do. Conservative = Small Government and stop wasting money. Democrats now want "Socialism" Like Nazi "National Socialists" of the past. Racist clan hood wearing Democrats like the one in Virginia right now. KKK was born from Democrats and every lynching (approx. 4000) was done by the Democrat KKK. Republicans came up with the 2nd Amendment specifically for Blacks to protect themselves against the murderous KKK of the Democrat party. And what do Dems want – your guns and to kill your babies, just like the racist Margaret Sanger intended, to reduce the Black population through abortion, and Dems want that too. Sorry, I had to rant because I can't smoke weed, because I need my job. Studies are showing that Marijuana actually kills cancer cells! Every time I pull my vehicle to the side of the road, I see beer cans, bottles, cases etc and cigarette litter, but not once have I seen any weed. Occasionally/Rarely I see a ZigZag pack. Not only Legalize Marijuana (since it is a natural plant) but stop unfair work place drug testing. I can't even smoke on vacation!

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