SFV OG Strain Review: Legal Medical Cannabis

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  1. i know a friend who will only smoke Sativas in an illegal state and complains about it all the time. I've tried telling him that they're just not worth the risk for the low profit, yield and time.

    btw he hates sour diesel and it makes it even worse.

  2. hey JJ. loving the content. A quick trip I heard to prevent mites is to add a companion plant in he mix. Plant some chives separately and that should keep those buggers at Bay ! cheers

  3. Been looking for simple things, grinders, small-medium glass bongs, shirts and seeds maybe? ect.
    Also, the outfit really goes against stereotypical images of those who use the medicine, 👍🏼

  4. that skunk 1 from sensi seeds is the original k g b…in case you havent heard franco passed away this jan , in the democratic republic of the congo, from malaria. huge loss to the cannabis communitty, he invented white widow white rhino almost the entire greenhouse vcollection. truly sad…. look it up if not up on it.your skunk 1 made me think of him…. sad

  5. alot of the og ive grown, andim still growing them, are not pretty plants in bloom and to somne extent even in veg, cause most of my ogs are super nut/water sensitive

  6. Nice vid! The plants are beauties. I've been getting a lot of OGK phenos and crosses lately and they all seem to have that bland earthiness with a hint of kushy spice. I'd suggest Master Yoda for a review as it proved more potent than others I've tried. I believe mom and dad are OG & master kush.

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