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18+ SEASONS OF OUTDOOR CANNABIS: WEEK 7 LET THERE BE BUD! Top Shelf Grower welcomes you to the rooftop cannabis garden on day 45 for Jack …

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  1. Very nice… im in Costa Blanca and have 4 x Shark Shock doing great… I have low-stress bent mine over trimmed the leaves and they are doing great… Flippin wind here is a nightmare… and the rains 2 weeks ago

  2. Moving to Madrid in September for a year, Been asking around about joining a smoke club but all say 21+, I won’t be 21 until June 2020 is there any clubs that are 18+ in Madrid? Really don’t wanna go buying my smoke off the streets

  3. Nice plants. I dont have autoflower . But its bn 5 days since by seedling sprouted. It already has the 2 smaller leaves growing opposite of the 2 peddles. My question is when should I start using nutrients? And do I o ly use nutrients like a week b4 harvest. If it makes it that far. Love the videos. Also when do I officially water my seedling besides misting with a spray bottle.

  4. Love them plants! Love the rotation.. Doing the same thing in holland first batch is 3 weeks old now.. rotating them every 4 weeks 5 new ones will be sprouted.. keep growing fam

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