Sadhguru at NALSAR – Youth and Truth [Full Talk]

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On Sep 18, Sadhguru was at NALSAR, Hyderabad, as part of the Youth and Truth movement. Watch the electric debate between Sadhguru and the students on …

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  1. joe like people are born and brought up in the practises of non-Indian,wild people`s religion,so such disrespectful question to indian culture comes to their mind in the name of discrimination..obviously, they are the trash who are making India gruesome..

  2. Joe goes to doctor…doctor says Joe your lever is on the verge of failing…i hav this prescription for from now on you cannot drink a drop of alcohol.there is possibility for you to die.Joe argues back..who are you doctor to give me such a prescription…it should be left to me whether I want to die or live… asks why you ain't listening to me..Joe says bcoz I am a lawyer and not doctor…like how he says I am catholic….unfortunate mental state of Joe…

  3. That Joe guy was so rude, angry, and, insulting, (calls himself a Catholic) all against the teachings of Christianity. I see just plain hate for the man, which was totally uncalled for.

  4. Looks like this debate is happening in Pakistan, a section of people are applouding for the question of not standing for the national anthem, people should be proud of the national anthem and the flag, those who disrespect it should be put behind bars.

  5. I dont understand what has happened to our so called top Indian University, they all are busy in pulling leg of Sadhguru….who has volunteered to give them some wisdom…..But when I see his visit to foreign univerisities, students are really well mannered and are trying to ask logical question which every one search for…..What these communists have made our Universities!

  6. I feel so sorry for these students for defaming their own institution.The very first feeling I had after watching that video was “ disgust” .

    These arrogant youngsters who call themselves students are perfect examples of idiots.

  7. It's only Sadhguru easily spent more than an hour with such people. Asking question to Sadhguru is fine because such visits are arranged for the same however if some students have made up their mind to have debate or argument can't help. They should feel blessed someone is very calm to their stupidity.

  8. I came to conclusion ,you need no education to have wisdom and knowledge 🤫 by seeing these students intolerance ,lack of awareness and most disorganized behaviours and arrangements

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