Rep.Tulsi Gabbard State of Cannabiz: VIP Intro, Intv. & Keynote Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition

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Part of our daylong coverage of the State of Cannabiz, and our exclusive interview with Congress Member and Presidential candidate Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-H) …

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  1. If you haven’t donated do it now or you won’t get the chance to vote for her. Any amount, she needs new donors to get back into the debate. Talk to everyone you know and explain why it matters. New people signing up and donating has to happen now.

    You want wars ended and money invested here instead? Donate now!

    You want to return to diplomacy or allow the child president to start a nuclear war? Donate now!

  2. The big businesses that spent a lot of money for permits, licenses won’t be happy about losing their monopoly on mostly medical and recreational. I pray this happens soon

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