1. Good advice, it ruins your motivation and alters your judgement. Most who turn to pot have deep scars from their childhood that they are trying to bury or forget. Drug abuse starts with dysfunctional homes, child abusing fathers, poverty, etc….getting stoned helps you forget for a little while, but then it comes back ten- fold and the cycle is repeated.

  2. Can you tell me what a “life” is? Can you give examples of a “good life” vs a “bad life”? Besides good life=rich and bad life=poor. Because even in that sense I’ve witnessed more amazing poor people as rich. Could you please fill me in?? Thanks.

  3. What your're saying is absolutely true. I was addicted to marijuana for a short time and I felt like I couldn't live without it. That's what Satan made me believe. God convicted me and I felt the wrath of God the last three times I smoked marijuana. It was truly scary. The last time I smoked marijuana I felt the wrath of God so strong on me that I couldn't move. I felt like He was so angry with me that if I moved He would kill me instantaneously and I was crying all the time because I knew how bad I sinned and I promised God I won't do it again the last time I smoked, but I broke than promise and did it again. The last time I smoked I didn't get high. I didn't feel any good emotions. I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that God sees marijuana as an extremely bad sin and He doesn't tolerate it for believers (I already accepted Jesus into my heart and knew that God was real and promised God I won't smoke marijuana again before I smoked it the last three times. Satan got to me and he temped me and I gave in to his temptation the last three times.) The last time I smoked marijuana I didn't get high. I got extremely scared of the wrath of God, and I felt it and I was sad at the same time and crying because I knew I what I did was wrong. Trust me people, marijuana isn't good and you don't want to feel the wrath of God it's very scary, but God only puts His wrath on those who already know He's real and that smoking marijuana is bad, but still choose to do it. If you don't believe in God and smoke marijuana you won't feel His wrath and you'd think that everything is fine because you don't believe and you already belong to Satan as long as you choose to not believe in God and the Bible. You won't feel God wrath when you smoke weed and don't believe in God or that He doesn't want you to smoke marijuana. You'll only feel it when you smoke, if you believe in God, because when you believe in God you belong to Him and He chastises you when you do wrong. For the Bible says He chastises the ones that He loves.

  4. It is all in the words: Let´s get ´´fucked up´´ ´´trashed´´ ´´wasted´´ ´´tore back´´ ´´hammered´´ ´´ripped´´ ´´pissed´´ on and on. Who wants to really be that way? #soberoctober
    I have a friend who calls smoking weed, ´´getting small.´´ Who the hell wants to be small? We are supposed to live life large and out loud!

  5. I feel compelled to leave a comment behind. I also feel that this lady is saying the absolute truth!
    I've essentially been a full-blown pothead for the last 15 years. Ten years ago I moved out of my elderly house, now I just turned 33 and my life is still a huge mess because I fucked up the best years of my life. It prevented me from making the right decision of studying a course in my college years. (Was persistent in studying law back then). While my peers were doing what was supposed to be done, I was busy getting stoned.

    The last ten years, during my habit, I've been struggling through life in money, work, career prospects. Constant anxiety. Virtually no love life, no savings, making wrong moves in life year after year. Now I have a degree in payrolling, but with 33 years old, the clock is ticking to get a career up and running.

    I felt like dogshit using weed but was an addict for well over 15 years, and I just stopped since May 2018 (it's September 2018 as of writing this), but the after effects are real. That sharpness is gone. I feel like my intelligence is gone. I had a good brain, I could have been anything. I should have cleared most of my student loan by now, still hasn't happened.
    I should have lived a good, fulfilled life with my own place to live, now it's just a dogshit life. I'm still working on turning the tide for the better, but honestly, I don't think it will happen.

    Every good opportunity that presented itself to lead a possibly great life, it feels like I missed out on or it's permanently down the drain. I'm the one responsible for this, and every single day, I regret ever touching that stuff.

    Anyone reading this: Don't ever use that stuff or worse, getting addicted to it. If you know someone who is a habitual user, do everything you can to get him or her clean. Do sports, eat healthy, learn, read books. Just put that brain to use, don't destroy it willingly. Or you'll pay a heavy price for it, like I do right now.

    Cannabis is not worth getting your life fucked up. And I can tell from first-hand experience. What the hell was I thinking?

  6. You need to say Alcohol, Drugs, Marijuana in the title. I use cannabis moderately and it is great and has not ruined my life, my grandma, uncles, mom use cannabis and are all successful (uncles, grandma are millionaire business owners, doctors and in real estate) You are very brainwashed

  7. What this lady is saying is ABSOLUTELY true. Ive been there too, when you are smoking you think all is good and you are perfectly fine it is only when you get off it that you are completely shocked to realize how wrong you were and how much better life is being sober. But if you are a stoner right now just make a test and go sober for a month and see how much better you feel about life and yourself. trust me

  8. It does fill my void I'm alone mostly and it keeps me from trying to kill myself being sober don't feel good and I'll tell you why when I smoke weed things are more interesting and important I see the value of the human soul from the point of view of some one who is lost and hates the world weed makes me nicer to people who try to get negative reactions from me

  9. I mean I agree it does make you stupid and lazy and ruins ur brain if you smoke everyday but it does have some good medical uses but it doesn’t kill you it’s not like alcohol but good video

  10. I'm so glad there are still some sensible people out there! People are so ignorant these days especially when it comes to marijuana! I don't understand why so many people are supportive of it when I've been around people who smoked it and they've always hang around shady people and done shady things! I don't even talk to my brother anymore because he is so addicted to marijuana to the point he'd rather smoke marijuana then be a good brother to me he even threw me out to make room for his stoner friend. Also I had a friend who smoked marijuana and she was always very rude to me after she started using marijuana she didn't care what she did or said affected me and that's what marijuana does to people it takes away their compassion! I'm smarter than that and I'll never fall for all the marijuana pipe and pro-marijuana propaganda out there! It's really a shame how people are when it comes to marijuana. There's even moms who smoke it and brainwash their children that it's OK to smoke and that it makes them better parents! Addiction is a terrible terrible thing whether it's marijuana or any other drug!

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