Quitting Addictive Drugs – How & Why to Get Sobriety And Stay Clean and Sober

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Once having had a heroin and meth problem, now almost 4 years clean and sober. This is how I quit addictive drugs and stopped the addiction progressive …

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  1. The best way to quit drugs in my personal experience is to be at rock bottom with your mental and physical health or your social health of hurting everyone around you.

    That person was my mom. Love you mom ❤️❤️❤️

  2. My addiction is EVERYDAY I smoke weed drink alcohol smoke cigarettes eat fast food and masturbate and play video games and watch youtube. And I don't pursue anything

  3. I've been waiting for tomorrow for 3 years now! I know others who have been saying "tomorrow" for almost 10 years. It's time! Today is yesterday's tomorrow!! Thank you for reconfirming what I've been telling myself, but putting off until tomorrow!

  4. I'm struggling with an opiate addiction and watching this 3 days in withdrawal made me cry…i know I want to be sober but I've quit so many times that I can't trust my future self…but I can't be sober unless I keep trying…

  5. Well done CG you really did a great job, appreciate your effort and time..all videos are very helpful…you right crystal meth is fucking powerful for any other drugs. i started smoking meth and took me 10 years to completely overcome the addiction.

    Change always start from yourself.
    First by defining your reasons for quitting, since that will help you stay strong throughout the process.
    Then make a good plan and also draw on help from support groups and counselors as you deal with withdrawal and start creating a life without drugs.
    Having a drug addiction can make you feel as though there's no hope for getting better. But no matter how bad things have gotten, you can beat your addiction with perseverance, patience and diversion.
    HABITS are fucking part of our life and no way to get rid of it, but…you still had a choice to divert your routine of behavior from bad habit into Good habit, these way it would help you to overcome and avoid your external and internal craving.
    And the most important is to start now…with no doubt and hesitation

  6. But see how it was meant for you to walk through that path so you take s step back and rethink everything….than realising all those wise things and thoughts and coming to new purposes in life with a deeper meaning 👊

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