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Next up the JUUL E-cig or E-cigarette. This could be a great way to quit smoking for those looking for a bit more variety or that may need something less like a …

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  1. im 25, been smoking about 13 years. I just switched to JUUL after a few of my friends managed to quit cigarettes with the help of a vape .I decided to make the switch to JUUL and I am now about 6 days cigarette-free and feel great! Hopefully I can keep this up, I always felt so powerless to traditional cigarettes but now I have a solid plan to manage nicotine intake and will eventually move to lowering overall daily intake of nicotine!

  2. I think Juul is a shill company, that was created to destroy vaping. We spent years as an industry lowering our nicotine, then right when the feds come down on us here comes Juul. Juul has 60mg liquid and markets it to teens, giving the FDA exactly what they need to attack the entire industry. I fucking hate that company.

  3. Don't know if anyone has any useful info, but i've literally tried everything else. Long time smoker. For some reason, every single vape I try, (i'm talking fuse, all the way to $250 set ups, with literally every kind of juice you can imagine, every flavor every nicotine level, every different percentage of this or that) every single one chokes the hell out of me. Not like a little bit. I mean sends me into an immediate hacking fit that takes several minutes to get past. (Imagine a teenager taking a huge drag off a cigar when they've never smoked anything before. That's what it's like. ) I really really would love to get off tobacco. Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any possible solutions? I have not tried juul. But watching the reviews, they keep talking about a strong throat hit, which seems the opposite of what I need.

  4. i bought one last night. I guess i'm afraid to take a big hit so i've just been taking a bunch of small hits. Unfortunately the store where i bought mine only had single flavors so i got mango and it's nice but wish i could have got the one with the 4 flavors would have been cool. It's been like my second day using it and the pod honestly still looks full but that could be because i'm not hitting it too hard. Even though it was kind of expensive, i do like it. If my pods last a long time it might prove itself to have been a great purchase.

  5. Let’s cut to brass tacks here, more than half of all Juulers are fucking teenagers that have just turned it into modern day smoking, except that kids who “smoke” now are even bigger degenerates than before. Schools need to stop talking about ciggarette smoking and crack down on this stuff. Nobody around teenager age smokes cigarettes

  6. I can hardly believe it but the day I got my Juul was my last day of smoking. I was a very heavy smoker for 9 years and now cigarettes just put me off. Not only is it healthier but it's saving me almost $4,000 a year.

    If you're a smoker looking into Juul, do yourself a huge favor and try it out. I quit instantly even though I was smoking 1.5-2 packs per day.

  7. hate the way he's puffing on it trying to create more "clouds" lol. for all you smokers out there….just draw on it exactly as you would a cigarette. just 1 smooth draw. puffing it 3 times in row like that is prolly why it hurts his throat. juul works great!

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