Question Period: Marijuana legalization, carbon tax, lobster fishing zone closure — June 14, 2018

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Follow along as opposition parties question the Trudeau government in the House of Commons. Today the government faced questions on marijuana …

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  1. Listening to liberals go in circles and circles makes me sick. answer the damn question, what the hell do we pay you for? Guess what, You're fired next election.

  2. Catherine McKenna does a great job in campaigning for the Conservatives. She is pushing for them to get a Ford style win. Does she want Federal liberals to lose official party status as well?

    I vote Green and am in favour of a greener future, but the carbon tax looks much more like a tax grab for the government than some kind of feel good, well meaning incentive.

    I want to save my own money so I can buy my own solar panels. I don't want to have to ask the liberals for my money back. I rather just keep it in the first place

  3. Home cultivation WILL NOT help displace the "Free Market". It takes powerful lights to bring a Cannabis plant to flower and most Canadians dont have the luxury of spending more on hydro. So 4 plants comparable to tomato plants in growth and needs that will never flower in your living room window. Outside between May – Sept if nurtured correctly but apparently there is still a need to keep them undercover. How ridiculous!!Are police coming into homes to count plants?? no way to enforce such strict rules. If the plant is legal then why should the number of plants, unless they are hanging over into your neighbors yard, bother anybody? Canadians growing a few plants at home will do nothing to curb the Free Market.

  4. Doesn't Climate Barbie look a little stressed? Maybe the election of Doug Ford in Ontario as put the fear of what the future holds for into the liberals. Mr Little Potato Head and his SJW posse are headed for the dumpster. Couldn't happen to a nicer group.

  5. I am Canadian.. moved to Europe… thank God I did, because looking at this makes me want to vomit. So our entire country is led by a pack of monekys, unable to shut their mouth when someone else is talking, or answer any question in a relevant manner.. this is sad, disgusting and quite frankly very disappointing. Little Justin's government needs to be voted out stat before they "decrease" them taxes some more.. A carbox tax? ok NO… I was always a liberal, due to my age i think, but no longer.. I am straight up conservative and its not going to change, this is just too much, their entire term is chaos..

  6. Don't legalize Marijuana. It is proven to affect the brain's ability to reason and analyse. Ignore some psycho doctors who are bribed by drug pushers to say it's ok. Just look at the top nations in academics…. NONE of them legalize Marijuana. That alone is proof the drug is harmful.

  7. No.
    I’m a Canadian and what I want to goddamn well know is HOW MUCH it’s going to cost me why do you think Doug is in?
    Further more legalize all drugs seriously ridiculous not just weed 😒😒😒
    There’s a war on drugs and medication in general and Canadians suffering from life long conditions are getting TIRED OF IT!

  8. Catherine McKenna here in Ontario Kathleen Wynn sold off half of hydro one to to pay for windmills and solar farms not from cap and trade revenue. now are hydro rates are threw the roof and now your boss are prime minister wants a Canadian wide carbon tax and British Columbia is paying 160 at the pump because of it how are they getting tax rebate cause I would like one

  9. The federal government should make it law that carbon tax revenue not be used for general revenues. Alberta is planning on doing that in the very near future.

  10. I came to a CBC video to troll the Liberals but it looks like the comment section is full of just the opposite. I didn't think there was any hope for Canada…. you never know.

  11. How does the carbon tax actualy decrease emissions….we still have to drive we still have to go to work and pay bills average people have to work there butts off and you keep creating new taxes tredeau. I wouldnt mind but you waste money on such dumb things i could understand if u built a carbon plant that absorbs it which is possible. But hey buy a pipeline …was that an american company?

  12. Historic numbers of jobs, hahahahaha, they are very sneaky. In my area, they have one job and take a number of people, say 10, and give them enough hours to get them back on an EI claim and then say they created 10 new jobs. In reality, that one job has always been there and somebody could have had a good career working there. Now it's just a way to inflate stats and keep people poor.

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