POT STOCKS 2018! ? Should You Invest In Marijuana Stocks?

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Should you invest in pot or marijuana stocks in 2018? In this video we will be talking about how you can capitalize on this growing cannabis industry. Right now, there are not a lot of great…


  1. Check out Cannabis Wheaton Income! $CBWTF Right now they are setting themselves up for success come Canadian legalization 2018. Sitting at 1.80 currently, they will be streaming 500m grams of marijuana/ year by 2021. That will give them a net income of $1.675B a year. With 500m outstanding shares and a average PE ratio of 15, that will be a share price of $50.25 by 2021!! jump in now because there are alot of good years ahead for this stock.

  2. S.M.G. is definitely a safe invest in terms of the beta of the stock, with things like weed legalization being a driving force for future income for the company it is definitely a nice investment for the ling run!

  3. Crypto currency!!! There are a few coins out there that these companies can use to hold there money! Pot companies should be only except crypto currency. Pot coin, hemp coin and there are more!

  4. Thanks Ryan. I agree the USA should legalize it on the Fed level and tax it so maybe we could get universal healthcare for all Citizens and screw that F$)&@!! Wall. Also , just for the record I am a medical professional and all medical literature states that Marijuana does NOT lead to any addictive drug use , Like opioid use!
    Also, pot is not addictive like heroin, tobacco, alcohol or barbs or SUGAR! There r no withdraw symptoms if you stop smoking pot! Most importantly no one has ever died of a marijuana overdose , at least never recorded. I don’t use it either but these goof balls need to connect with the scientific facts!

  5. Thanks for talking about this stuff Ryan. I noticed a lot of people have been talking and it doesn't seem like a pick for me. Could be interesting but be careful guys. Remember your research! I'm happy with my monthly index contributions lol

  6. Love your videos Ryan!!!

    I'm Canadian, pot stock investor. Any of my American friends interested in Canadian pot stocks, have a look at Canopy Growth, Aphria, Aurora ! Legalization is July 1st nation wide!

  7. I made money on my pot stocks just before 2018 but after California legalized my stocks went down. Makes no sense. Good video Ryan. Thumbs up. Very informative.

  8. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to Ryan on this. Playing pink sheets thinking any US company listed otc thinking it will become the phillip morris of cannabis i can guarantee they will lose thier ?. No good growers/producers/retail who are profitable would ever go public… Maybe in Canada(idk). Hes also correct with the lawn and garden business, no growers need them at all. They know how to cultivate their own solid and they(exp) are already at massive global scale. Last ? left is in name branding again none going public and brands in consumable in general are dying anyways. breathe

  9. Great video. Like you, I'm not into OTC markets. I'm an index fund investor. I'm curious to know if there are any marijuana index funds available? I know there are indirect related ones; like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, etc.

    Also….I find it hilarious that you wore a black shirt with a black background. 2/3 of your body disappeared ??. Anyway, love the videos, great content, keeping growing bro (lame weed pun as well lol)!

  10. 1. What these pot sellers should do is get into bitcoin. They can have 2 businesses next to each other, where the first sells and buys bitcoin at the market rates, and the other store takes bitcoins as purchase towards marijuana.

    The bitcoin business would only need to be licensed as a "money transmitter," which are actually pretty cheap licenses and holding requirements (anywhere from $0 to $5,000….planning on doing all states would only need $46,901)….they would also be responsible for carding all clients and follow SAR and FinCEN (to make sure of no money laundering). This business would only have to pay taxes on the difference in price from sale to purchase of assets, along with the yearly licensing fees….but otherwise, they would be allowed banking options.

    The dispensory wouldn't have to hold any actual cash onhand, as all transactions would be done through bitcoin. As for taxation, they can report the market rates of the bitcoins upon receiving of those coins for product, and subtract out payroll and other operating costs……and sell enough coins to pay for those operating costs, payroll and taxes, while holding the rest in either soft or hard storage.

    A billion dollar operation can easily pay for all of this….and the money would be secure. No excuses.

    2. I bought 1300 shares of HEMP at 0.0192 in october last year….just sold 900 shares at 0.049. I'm sitting on 400 shares with a trade cost of negative .01355 per share….yes….negative….meaning I am up 5.24 regardless of what happens. I don't even know what the outlook of the company is, don't even care…..but hoping the fed takes it off the schedule list and the stock jumps to $10 a share or more.

  11. Good information Ryan ! Even though I’m not interested in investing into these type of stocks but I do appreciate the information.
    I also enrolled in your class you mentioned in your video, looking forward to learn from it !
    Your new fan ?

  12. Scott's has been my biggest position for a few months now and I definitely see some potential. They actually have a subsidiary called Hawthorne Gardening that is focused on hydroponics equipment for growers and is fast growing with high double digit growth. It's still only a small fraction of their revenue but the CEO Jim Hagedorn has been focusing on this area of the business since 2014.

  13. Get in on the Canadian market gravy train. I'm holding these currently – ACB, HVST, THC, WEED, FIRE, MARI, BE, CRZ, THCX, TGIF, MPX

  14. Very informative video! Was wondering how to get exposure to the "growing" marijuana industry and now I know! None of these avenues are too appealing though, because as you said it is either indirect exposure or OTC.
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  15. Hey team. I only purchase stocks that pay a dividend… preferably 5% yeild or more. Has anyone seen any pot stock that pays any dividend at all? I'm Canadian and we're decriminalized. Medical is legal federally and we are moving to full legalization recreationally in March. The stocks are fluctuating like crazy.

  16. Great thorough insight, Ryan. Appreciate the info & perspective, especially re: legal challenges & FINRA, etc. New subscriber & Robinhood stock investor ☺

  17. Hard fact about crypto. Nobody wants to look behind the curtain and see who they are killing for some coin. I venture it's creating another housing bubble in the quasi legal states dumping all that cash into properties. Seek around it. What company is going to get the Government green light. See who's in who's pockets. Also the testing side. Who's making first roadside test kits like breathalyzer. Drug Inc and Jail Inc are fighting this out behind the scenes.

  18. Great video! As a Canadian who is investing in a couple cannabis companies I can honestly say it's not for the faint of heart. Rises and falls of 10% a day all over the place….it's the wild west! Cheers!

  19. I have bought quite a few stocks in the marijuana sector. Keep your eye on Hound labs in the USA & Cannabix in Canada. Also, here are two companies I believe should be looked at. Tapinator & Lithium Corp. as to diverse your portfolio.

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