Pot for Pets: How Cannabis Is Safely Helping Your Favorite Creatures | MERRY JANE News

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  1. I use CBD treats with one of my dogs. He is very high strung, and it calms him down a lot. Makes a huge difference. He doesn't get 'high', and has no side effects. Best thing ever. He is so much less stressed – which also means I will be less stressed too lol. I highly recommend CBD for your dog for many things – stress, anxiety, inflammation, pain….

  2. I have two older cats and when I'm getting ready to smoke they know and will come sit in my lap or right next to me so they can get some medicine too, then they'll go lie on my bed for a nap. It seems animals are smarter than some humans about whether or not it's beneficial for their ailments.

  3. Dogs can't get high on THC anyway, so no need for the restrictions. THC is highly effective antiinflammatory in humans. Studies should be done with animals too.

  4. big pharma managed to push benzos like valium & xanax onto the Vetcare market so itd be good to see a natural alternative like cannabis .

  5. I used to smoke with my best buddy bones before he passed… I'd let him smell the blunt and if he liked it then I'd blow some in his direction and he'd wander off when he was cooked enough. I saw no effects besides a human, hungry. Happy sleepy. Good times. I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for all dogs tho, consider my dog was 110+ pounds golden retriever. Idk if I'd wanna get a lil dog fried

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