Pot companies hoping for legalization in NJ to benefit from NYC market?

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[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swQUdsK88iA&w=580&h=385]

LeafLink co-founder Zach Silverman on the potential impact if marijuana is legalized in New Jersey.


  1. Gezzz the way it looks their state could gain Jobs, Direct Taxes from the farmers, sellers & buyers of course They would gain license fees to, sell, grow ect. The people want it. So is it that a few are just holding out for a better offer lol.
    I have glaucoma many use it to help ease the pain but not legally. Guess I should just move stop hoping they care.

  2. The worst thing on the legalization of drugs is that it clears the background of drugs dealers allowing them to participate in politics without fear of being discovered.

    That's absolutely dangerous.

  3. This fucktard Varney has been railing against weed for years and the GOP has been against it for even longer. THEY are the ones who banned it int he first place.

    But I know most of you won't because you people are partisan hacks.

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