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  1. That one mom that described a “panic” type feeling when she wakes up and uses Weed to feel better should be talked about more. It sounds like she may have a addiction where she sometimes feels that she needs it

  2. This is an unpopular opinion but why are people smoking weed and drinking (those are just the main legal ones) to deal with stress instead of just working problems out!?!

  3. Lol, I remember the first time I tried to smoke weed. I was 14 and managed to get my hands on some. But when I did I had no idea what to do with it. So naturally, I peeled the metal part off a gum wrapper and tried to roll a joint. However this did not work out and I ended up dumping the weed in the toilet. Still makes me cringe.

  4. I don't think in my religion aloud you to smoke or drink win to be real I don't really care is just going to save more money to buy more food and stuff so yeah guess I'm lucky lol

  5. One year ago I thought weed was the worse and same with vaping and cigs. And here I am smoking weed, smoking cigs and vaping at 14 (before y'all say shit about my age, think, do you really think I'mma give a shit what a stranger says on the internet? And don't say it's bad for me, cause I know, trust me I know 😂)

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