Outdoor Cannabis Marijuana Plants Early July

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Another warm one here in North Bay, Ontario, Canada; and my plants are just loving it. I have 17 white berry indica plants growing, two are ready for harvest.

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  1. Are you serious, don't take your plants inside during a thunder storm. They absolutely thrive after being outside during a thunder storm, all to do with the positive ions in the air during a storm

  2. If anyone reads this I have a "in the ground" grow. My 18 plants are reaching 7' x 6' dia. they are flowering but I want to stimulate the THC growth and I want to know if anybody has some suggestions? For now I've been making up a compost tea with worm castings chicken crap, another nutrient that's just got potassium in it no nitrogen or phosphate and a little bit of blooming nutrients from Scotts Miracle-Gro but I don't use much of that. What I was going to do was take the an empty bottle from The Scotts Miracle-Gro liquid feed and put house and Gardens shooting power mix with water , hook it up to my garden hose just like if I was doing a feeding with M.Grow liquid feed.

  3. I grow in buckets too, i found out that the more holes i put all around the buckets the bigger my plants got. They love the oxygen to there roots. The only downside is i have to water more often

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