Ordering Weed in Canada For The First Time

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Weed is finally legal to use recreationally in Canada! I figured I might as well hop onto the OCS website and order some to see what it was like. I filmed my …

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  1. I know it looks cool and fun the website but don't be fooled it's trash weed and it's toxic chemical weed .
    It'll give u weird hangover feeling and it's not pleasant at all Do Not Buy From OCS or SQDC instead go on weedmap's

    Still like ur video 👍

  2. I love INDICA strain that is my most favourite. I ordered three & a half g of Pink Kush yesterday for my second time ordering. Pink Kush is 90% Indica & 10% Sativa. I liked it the fist time I smoked it.

  3. I’m in BC and order online all the time. Pre-rolls are mega bucks. My fave so far is Rockstar—it’s indica. It’s all very personal. I don’t like sativa much. I find I like the body experience more than anything else for relaxation and sleep.

  4. All in the name of the almighty $$$.
    Nothing less; the rest is pure glitter & transformed senses in derision & confusion.

    Might GOD in The HEAVEN of Heavens bevy-up a Canadian troop to fight the powers of misinterpretation, to what is Truth & Good.

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