Oklahoma votes on medical marijuana

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Some primary voters in Oklahoma said their ballots were missing a question addressing the potential legalization of medical marijuana in the state. Jennifer …

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  1. Do they execute recreational cannabis users in Oklahoma? I'm English, we've heard they execute children (under 12 yrs of age) for cannabis use. Is that true?

  2. It bothers me so much that 30 minutes down the road, a guy can use it over any reason just because the doctor approves of it where I'm dealing with DHS right now because of a joint. I've always had digestive problems and insomnia, and it helped me so much in both areas. I wish this country would step out of the dark ages.

  3. Green The Vote provides weekly signature updates on Sundays, but Caviness said there are roughly 90,000 and 100,000 signatures, respectively, for SQ 796 and 797. Each needs about 124,000 validated signatures to be approved for placement on a ballot because, unlike SQ 788, they seek to amend the constitution.

    "That's the protection we need right now to keep people from over-regulating this new industry," Caviness said. "We're not going to take it anymore and we're going to get this accomplished."

    To find a location carrying copies of the petitions, go to bit.ly/potpetitionlocations.

  4. Its a joke everyone they banned smokeable marijuana and require a pharmacist which is illegal for them so do you honestly think they are going to work in one while they can lose their license which is federal mary fallen is a scam artist. Just like on the cig law everyone voted against it and she passed it anyway if you suffer from pain anxiety seizures and need to smoke or use marijuana like my post and come reelection dont vote for her

  5. People of Oklahoma have spoken! We're taking our health in our hands and not leaving it up to Big Pharna and the government any longer. Good Job Oklahoma!!!

  6. What they didn't vote on was the requirement of surrendering your Second Amendment Rights if you choose this medical treatment. Seems if you seek this medical treatment, you cannot own a gun (bow and arrow, box cutter???). Not a single candidate nor current Senator or Representative mentioned this during the entire campaign or voting process. How many people would have said yes had they revealed this action? It sure would not have passed. It begs a further question. How about your drivers license, pilots license or hunting license??? Maybe what is next is your first amendment rights. Maybe they will pay your college tuition if you give them up. How about the fourth amendment. Let us search your stuff without a warrant and we will approve (whatever you ask for). Seems logical to me that no doctors or physicians that seek medical marijuana should be allowed to practice medicine or do surgery if they seek medical marijuana. You tell me where it stops??? Shame on our politicians.

  7. The real reason legalization is always so hard is the fact that these big pharmaceutical companies are going to lose a lot of money. That being said, im pretty sure most politicians and doctors dip their hands in that cookie jar.

  8. Arkansas voted November 2017, it's been tied up in courts ever since for one reason or another. Many are speculating the state is trying to find away to overturn it.

  9. I'd like to rename America….. Dirty bong water. I bet statistics lie. Prob 70% smoke or ingest or vape marijuana. Statistics are 99.7 percent made up on the spot annyway. Of course I live in southern Florida so maybe it's just a different world here…. Oh ya it is….Ps. unfortunately it's a waist of your money it needs to be legal TO GROW!!!!

  10. Recreational weed would give Oklahoma so much tax revenue, all the flat land would make it the top crop over wheat lmao

  11. Tnose ADHD children would be better off taking a marijuana pill than riddlin. It would calm them donw an dlet them conentrate. they would not be so jumpy and excited all the time. They would be able to chill out and relax enableing them to behave better.

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