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Time to discuss Nutrients and additives on Lex’s World. ALL LINKS IN THIS DESCRIPTION! I will tell you my nutrient philosophy, including what I think about …

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  1. Hope you enjoyed this one…make sure you watch it all the way through before commenting! I didn't think this relatively dry episode would end up at so many views, but I guess what's useful plays. Oh and don't leave without subbing!….If you're looking for the links I referenced, you've scrolled down too far, those are in the description.

  2. The rain water I collect runs about <50 ppm. Do you think omitting micro may affect in an aeroponic set up?
    I've read good stuff about silica and fulvic acid, haven't tried yet

  3. Do you smoke cannabis ? why does your icon look like a globe spliced with a marijuana leave then ? Maybe you should have kept thre garden natural for the globe is unnatural thinking. Isn't it ?

  4. Lex,

    I am with you on keeping it simple. Nobody knows what how all the elements react with each other with all the supplements. Like grandma is taking 10 prescriptions from
    different doctors. Who knows how they react with each other.

  5. banana peals, green tea, tea, coffie grounds, egg shells, coconut water, carrot peels, pure honey, seaweed n more. that's all ye npk no need for factory made bottles nshit

  6. General hydroponics is trash and is owned by Monsanto.

    Also you’re lack of organic knowledge shows and isn’t very accurate.

    I do agree that there are several ways to grow good flower, and all growers have certain tweaks to their methods though. Just glad people are learning! I switched from synthetic fertilizers to 100% organic and definitely taste a difference and see healthier plants. People over complicate organic growing. There are some great companies making some stuff these days.

  7. Man, organic all the way. I grow more than enough for myself growing in soil (super soil) and I've had the bud from the dispensaries, they all suck and have no taste.

  8. I hear a lot of people say this but their bud usually taste like bug spray. I will never buy ganja grown with synthetics or even "organic" bottle nutrients. I haven't tasted cannabis in years and have suffered terribly every day for over a year because people are so comfortable with chemicals that they use anything. I am in agonizing pain and doctors told me they can't help. Not only would I never pay for anything grown from a bottle but I will wait and not smoke and pay three times the price for no till 100% organic no cheating. People can grow however they want but I won't buy it or smoke it for free and I am desperate for smoke physically and mentally.

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