New Study Finally Reveals Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain Wow!

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To your health, body and spirit – New Study Finally Reveals Marijuana’s Long Term Effects On The Brain. Wow! The age of Reefer Madness may still be upon us. That’s right, weed is still…


  1. remember in this world everything that is good for us is portrayed all the evil when its really the good. marijuana has COUNTLESS benefits. forget to mention that it cures cancer, takes away pain, help inflammation, and now it help cognitive thinking patters. I never understood how someone will choose a cigarette over a joint. do you know how many chemicals are in that?? plus cigarettes don't take away any anxiety except add it while destroying your temple. tell me what wrong marijuana does?? how many people on mj kill others? how about on alcohol?? I hate how this world tries to portray even Jesus as the bad one. don't even know how many times I have heard if there is a good why is there pain. hhhmm maybe if we would stop accepting and allowing the devil in our life's we would be good. we have the worst captain known to man. can you imagine if all the doctors prescribed was liquid vitamins, zeolite, detoxers, even vitamin b12 inhalers and marijuana. as well as giving a year long gym pass and any herbs that the Chinese use including acupuncture and that cures 99.9% of everything. but what do they do? they add more problems and pain to our life and we must pay for it on top of saying thank you??????????? what makes me sick is how much they charge for a PLANT. that's diablo for you, psycho. he is so greedy and selfish. ohhh and make sure to make it the lowest amount of CBD with the most chemicals and stems. they know how to give us our moneys worth. what s joke. today was the start of the 7 year tribulation. watch the world change from cigarette, and meth to liquid vitamins and mj. sorry Satan yu LOSE

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