New Jersey's Abysmal Medical Marijuana Program

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If you’re poor, have terminal cancer and are coughing up blood, New Jersey State wants you to drive all the way to one of the very few far off dispensaries, pay …

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  1. Jesus Christ I never laughed so hard! But I gotta say she’s right on point! I live in nj too and I got my card but damn they are milking the cow left and right off this shit! Yeah it’s legal or medicinal purpose if your fucking rich!

  2. The rules for Medical Mary Jane sound similar to abortion rules in Oklahoma or states like that.
    They make it next to impossible to get an abortion by putting regulations in place and shutting down clinics because their ceilings aren't high enough. For all intents and purposes, it is still illegal. This is beating around the bush.
    Asshole Rich Useless Fucks.

  3. This passionate rant is persuasive because you back up your criticism well by picking apart their NJ English language red taped chew toy designed to fear ,in your words, "the big bad canibus wolf"! A recommendation by a physician-if they dare be "out of the closet"-exposed to various scrutiny- is not a prescription! Excellent point and it IS another opioid witch hunt directed at doctors conveniently excluding the reality that responsible dosage by accountable doctors to accountable patients could be administered-not for dumbed down conservative zealots and scrip-pirates! Oh, thank you, Daddy Murphy for a proposed fixed allowance in ounces without insurance coverage with no guarantees for $$$ each! Oh, work place drug testing could terminate your reputation and income to pay the program? Oh well, as judge Smails says,"the world needs ditch diggers too." Black markets like US prohibition will always exist yet again until legallity is moot and the ones that needed it years ago have perished. The disadvantaged always suffer. Whew! It's more than right to be pissed. Treat yourself to unwind because important debate like this always spends energy but it has to be worth while or why do we create?! Good video, WonderWhaz!!

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