New Jersey May Legalize Marijuana Soon: Good!

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  1. Alaskans do get free money, and there are also exemptions to certain hunting laws for people who are "subsistence" residents. And of course the natives have their own special hunting privileges. They can hunt whales and stuff that normal white alaskans cant

  2. I will attest to psychedelics not being addictive. If you take to much it will with out fail stop working at all for you which leads to people rarely touching them as the longer you go without them the better the experience.

  3. Styx could you talk about the situation with Kyle from FPSRussia? The Georgia police confiscated all his guns and are trying to confiscate all his property too for, get this, buying marijuana online. Crazy.

  4. I'm an Alaskan, we currently have no income tax and yes, the PFD is given out annually to every Alaskan citizen that has been a resident for a full calendar year (including children). Although our shit for brains governor and state officials seem to be doing all they can to both implement a state income tax and garnish the PFD because they can't properly manage our budget. Bill Walker has already capped the PFD award amount, who knows if it'll be reversed.

  5. It will basically be another tax on the the stupid. To pretend that this crap is a harmless weed is stupid too. Recreational drugs are for degenerates and losers that have no pride in themselves.

  6. God it would be beautiful to see the right steal cannabis legalization from the left. The only response (other than agreement with Trump lol) will be to stand against it. A key wedge issue they've been pushing for quite some time. One of the things that made them popular and loved. Go on… Say you hate it because Trump is for it. I dare ya.

  7. My issue with cannabis is it has the tendency to make people submissive and apathetic. It may be some leftist attempt to pacify the right into allowing the left into doing whatever they want. Look what happened in Colorado, weed legalization >>went more blue in elections>>more gun control (15RD max capacity) There sure are a lot of jews involved in the whole weed thing so you gotta ask yourself is this a good thing.

  8. Its preemptive policing, the problem isn't what the plant does, the problem is what some people do after taking said substances, just like alchohol. Legalize use, increase penalties on crimes committed under influence.

  9. Alaskan Subscriber here… Weed has been legal here for a long time because of our state constitutions guarantee to privacy. Second, the annual PFD is closer to 1000$ than 9000$, and is such a political football, every year it is threatened to be taken away entirely (Sarah Palin gained popularity by doubling the payout when she was in office). Third, please move here, build a large greenhouse – and heat it with oil… Alaska has less than 1 million citizens, and every bit of economic activity we can we can have is very important.

  10. Weed good for some of the more frustrating mental disorders like PTSD and various anxiety disorders and then some, but who cares about tye medical benefits people should be able to it recreationally anyway

  11. It's been scientifically proven to cure certain cancers so, please do more personal research before giving false info. I understand your obvious outlook on marijuana and that's you. NEVER SUB to this channel and will warn others about your negative attitude. BLOCKED!!! ENJOY HELL SATANISTS 👹

  12. NJ resident here. This fucking state is the epitome of how and why the drug way lost. It's a libertarian's worst nightmare. Laws for every God damn vice including gamboling and it's slowly rotting the core.

    We had that question to allow gambling outside of Atlantic County but this fucking state thinks Atlantic City is going to come back especially after the surrounding states started propping up casinos at the borders to attract the folks who didn't want to drive through our war-torn infrastructure for 2-3 hours just to get their gamble on.

    Word is NJ held off on the weed vote until after the Midterms so the Democrats could avoid the negative optics after Murphy taxes the shit out if it.

  13. The real gateway drug is tobacco, which leads to cannabis and everything else. A lot of people smoke cannabis with tobacco, but why can't they do the same with crack or crystal meth?

  14. I don't mind it being legal in the privacy of one's own home. That stuff stinks and does cause health problems. It stinks more than tobacco.

  15. Kratom will be made illegal and be trumpeted as a "danger to society" because Marijuana is becoming legal in more States and the DEA need to desperately justify its existence ! Drug law enforcement agencies don't want to loose their jobs !

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