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This episode Nellie Benner smokes DMT (N,N- Dimethyltryptamine). After smoking Nellie ends up in all different worlds. USE: Are you about to use DMT?

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  1. Crazy how she described Terrence mckenna mechanical elf’s aka “balls of light with pointed hats” Terence referred to them as self dribbling basketballs that communicated through “expression “ or speaking things into existence

  2. For the Germans here, yea I also understand about 50% of your language.
    And for the Afrikans, I understand everything you say but cant reply in your language.
    Sincerely, a dutch guy.

  3. She's such a beautiful creature, not just physically. She has such a princess like spirit about her. Something that many American women lack these days. Very cheerful content! Thanks! ☺

  4. That was not even one of the hits i take lol I’m done.. try inhaling .08 in one monster inhale before you even have a chance to put pipe down your somewhere else in a flash. Like if u snapped you fingers, that fast I’m gone.. like instant breakthrough no rushing feeling no sound build up no tunnel just snap there . Very intense..

  5. I really get a great genuine vibe from her she is the cutest! and the boy is a great trip sitter very kind and aware. i love these videos much love!

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