Natural Gas: How To Trade in 2019 ⚠️| UGAZ & DGAZ

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Charlie discusses How To Trade Natural Gas Stocks & ETFs in 2019 as well as resources that you can use in order to research and better speculate on these …

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  1. Recent polar vortex hasn't effected $UGAZ prices because market futures are pricing March NatGas? Wasn't the excuse for $UGAZ last major dip (Dec2018) caused by warmer weather forecast? Starting to think there are no reliable factors to accurately predict NatGas. Also, we didn't hear much commentary by CNBC on yesterday's NATGAS report. Thanks for your channel; I'm really enjoying it. 🙋🏻‍♂️

  2. What is the downfall or problem with buying say 1000 shares of UGAZ at a low of say $37 and selling next fall/winter when it goes back up over $70 or even $100? Besides tying up money.

  3. Hey Zip – great video and thx for posting. might be a good idea to remind some of the newer traders that $DGAZ and $UGAZ are built on futures contracts and the futures can move outside of our retail trading hours. So if you set a stop loss at 7:45 PM EST on one of them you can wake up at 6:45 AM and the ETN could have gapped around your stop. And you know these things being 3X can really move. As a long bias I have been using $UNG because it doesn't move too crazy in range so it's a good way to learn and not get hurt.

  4. I'm a yt subscriber to Ricky at tech buds and you are literally just copying his analysis. I have never watched you prior to today, you just randomly showed up in my feed so I'm trying not to come to a conclusion but you didn't talk about anything else. You seem like a total copycat. Hopefully I am wrong. God Bless.

  5. High I’m beginning to paper trade and having a hard time with something. So I buy a stock but don’t have time to watch it, I try setting a stop to minimize my loss and limit order to sell to lock in my gains. But TIS doesn’t seem to allow me to have both of those sell orders active at same time. Any suggestions?

    I like your video and probably will subscribe Bc I have been trading ugaz/dgaz off the /ng future.

  6. Hey kids trade the nat gas futures, trades 23 hours a day with no decay. And if you beat the odds and turn a profit futures give you tax advantages. Oh and no pdt for small accounts.

  7. This is one of the many videos that go straight to the point. No “I make so much profit” or “if you follow me I’ll show you how you can make profit” for 5 mins straight.

  8. Good content, but why do you and someone else on youtube keep calling these etf's a company, its getting annoying. its a exchange traded fund-ETF not a company. If you were trading Enbridge than that would make sense to be called a company. Peace.

  9. Question, you mention the importance of knowing what the overall weather conditions of the USA are in order to predict if demand will increase or decrease. Where do you go to find the overall weather in the U.S.A ? Do you go on a website? Or do you just base your predictions off whether this has been an overall colder winter? Please be specific @ZipTrader

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