Natural Gas: Finding Execution Points for UGAZ & DGAZ

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Charlie goes over how to find entry & exit points while trading natural gas ETF’s UGAZ & DGAZ. He places an emphasis on using the exponential moving …

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  1. Hey Charlie I hope you or anyone else here could help me with a question i have. So right now i use Robinhood and soon i was thinking of moving to thinkorswim, i know it says they charge $6.95 per trade. But im wondering does that mean for every buy and sell they charge $6.95 meaning i have to make at least $13.90 profit to break even? Thanks!

  2. I bought UGAZ at and it went up 40%. I was greedy and didn’t sell. Now I’m in a huge loss and stuck in UGAZ. Do you think UGAZ will come back up to $60 anytime soon or will it never recover ?

  3. Gave you a sub and a like for this video 👋🏼👋🏼 you go into a lot more detail than Ricky Gutierrez 😳and I don’t get offered to buy a program every 30 seconds

  4. Hello ZipTrade Im a huge fan of you and your work, can you make a video on how you set your stop loss trading ugaz and dgaz, what is you max loss per day and the position sizing please? would apreciate it.

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