My Thoughts on Weed Now Being Legal in Canada!

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My Thoughts on Weed Now Being Legal in Canada! Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one I will be giving …

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  1. Libtard loser PM Justin Trudeau was a pot smoker in university, so I'm not surprised. What an embarrassment to Canada!!! Get ready for the oncoming traffic to be full of stoned morons! Great!!

  2. smoking weed doesnt make you stupid. the only mental dangers are to people who are psychotic. if you want to know if someone is nuts, smoke them up,,,,it'll take a couple minutes. but no….it doesnt make you lose memory. kids smoking up is not good, and can cause problems, but a fully formed healthy brain is fine. the slow driving has been getting worse over the last few years….its not weed, just many more older drivers retiring and putting around, getting in the way.

  3. It has the opposite effect on me. As soon as I have any I'm extremely awake and cant stop moving. My mind races about thinks I should be doing and I get it done

  4. You're wrong Trev. The psychoactive effects don't last long. Like any other drug, your body develops immunity to it over time. Yes, it's still in your system, but not the psychoactive effects. Equating driving stoned and drunk is like comparing apples to oranges. You're against weed Trev, VERY disappointing.

  5. I think it's a good thing, just for the sake of decriminalizing users and sellers. I wish we could do the same here in France. regarding the safety and health issues : it has to be taken as seriously as alcohol , like don't drink / smoke / text and drive, if you're a heavy user, you should be concerned about what's beneath your addicitive behavior, etc. ….

  6. Dwl you know nothing about endocannabinoid system do you? Coffee contains caffeine a drug that has lethal dosage and well documented side effects do research and remove synthetic drugs and also gmo foods from your diet thank me later

  7. I'm 43 when we were in High school if you got caught with a joint you would actually be charged crazy! My buddy to this day has a record from having a gram of weed on him , so now they will pardon it.

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